New Moon in Aries: Sustainable Activism

This last week I’ve taken a different tack with my running: pacing myself according to my heart rate. (In full disclosure, I’ve hardly run at all through Winter, opting for walks instead, so I’m picking up the pieces here this Spring!) The idea is pretty simple: keep your heart rate within a particular band of […]

New Moon in Pisces: Sustaining our Vision

Sending a belated welcome to this brand new lunar cycle that arrived over the weekend! The New Moon was at 23° Pisces, exact on: Sat 13 Mar, 4.21am (CST) Sat 13 Mar, 10.21am (GMT) Sat 13 Mar, 9.21pm (AEDT) True to Pisces form, I felt wordless, and my weekend was filled with spaces of being […]

Solstice Portal + Playlist

In some mysterious ritual, this very day my family moves from Australia to Canada, We leave in mid-Winter and arrive in mid-Summer, stepping through an invisible portal. To me it feels like a labour and birth. To look at every single thing that has filled our house for years and decide whether to keep it. […]

Living the Healed Feminine

Greetings under this New Moon, and at this fulcrum Equinox moment! Days and nights are of equal length in both hemispheres as the Sun shines down on the Equator. Metaphorically, we are invited to bring equilibrium to our lives at this time. The Spring Equinox (celebrated in the Northern Hemisphere tomorrow) is known as Ostara, […]

Insight & Clarity for 2018

I love the time-out-of-time quality of this week between Christmas and New Years – how all the regular rhythms fall away and the outside world slows down a little.  My phone’s been off, the emails are piling up, and I count that as a good thing.  Feels like prime time for Dreaming… Don’t know about […]

Leo 1 Lunar Cycle: Where is Home?

Each month I map my experiences as they unfold, using the Lunar Journal to help me see the patterns.  Knowing my life is held in the cycle of birth, growth, full bloom, harvest, decay, death and rebirth grounds me, and also alerts me to the opportunities of each day and each season.   I offer […]

Soul Gardening

This is a photo of our garden, one from eight years ago, one from yesterday.  It really is becoming a lush oasis of green, and of food!  The fruit trees we planted six years ago are producing more and more, and the vege patch my man tends gets bigger and bigger!  It is very satisfying to […]

Ostara Garden

Happy Spring Equinox for those in the Southern hemisphere!  And ‘Fall’ Equinox for those to the North! This seasonal festival, or sabbat, was also know as Ostara, named after the Great Mother Goddess of the Saxon people of Northern Europe.  You might hear the connection to the word ‘Easter’ there, and, of course, in Northern Hemisphere, Spring […]

Imbolc Garden

Happy Imbolc/Candlemas for those in the Southern hemisphere! The traditional date for Imbolc is 1st February in the Northern Hemisphere, so we can translate that to 1st August here in Australia, though it’s debatable whether there’s ever been an Imbolc ‘tradition’ here in the Great South Land (though goddess knows, we have enough sheep!)  Astronomically this year, this celebration […]


May we fall to the ground gently, resting on the earth, exactly where we need to be, brilliant with the seeds within…

What Lies Beneath

So looking forward to facilitating this midwinter dive into experiential art with Jacqui Grace!  Eco-printing is a modality that invites paying attention to the present moment and all that’s arising… however, the exhibited pieces are not limited to this modality, they could be video, photography, painting, metalwork, whatever!  More information at:

2016 Dreaming

Happy New Year! I got inspired today to make a little self-reflection tool, for this reflective time of year! It’s based on applying the gardening metaphor to our own lives and being able to look back over the whole year on one page – the visual part of me loves and needs this clarity! And […]

Re-membering Christmas

Two poems, to bring us back to the heartland of Christmas, which was once known as Yule – this time of light returning to the world. I see a twinkle in your eye, so this shall be my Christmas star and I will travel to your heart: the manger where the real things are. And I […]

November Eco-printing

Calling anyone wanting to dive into the sensory delight that is the Seasonal Women’s Eco-printing Circle on Sunday 29th November! We’ll create eco-printed oracle cards (like these!) as a collaborative effort, collectively listening to what the natural world and our creative process wish to teach us! We will engage eco-printing as a self-reflexive art form, […]

Eco-printed Oracles

Beautiful collaboratively-created oracle cards, from yesterday’s eco-printing workshop.  We slowed down enough to hear this wisdom coming through the leaves and the process, and it’s rippling out to you!

Beltane Garden

Happy Beltane for those in the Southern hemisphere!  (And while there are no pumpkins in our gardens here, we can say Happy Halloween to the Northern Hemisphere folk!  Have fun trick-or-treating!  We’ll be doing that at the end of April!) The traditional date for Beltane is 31st October, and astrologically this year it’s on the […]


These beautiful blue pieces were what emerged from my bundles at the Women’s Seasonal Eco-printing Circle in July.  I fell in love with them straight away – felt so nourished just looking at them.  It was my grandmother’s birthday (though she is dead now), and having them in the room inspired a fresh spring altar, clear […]

August Eco-printing

Calling anyone wanting to dive into the sensory delight that is the Seasonal Women’s Eco-printing Circle on Sunday 23rd August! Nourish your creative, intuitive soul! Build up a seasonal collection of art! Choose process over outcome! Collaborate with Mystery! Trust your body! Themes/tone for this gathering: full Spring/Ostara First-Quarter Moon the young Maiden (pre-menarche) emerging out of […]