Using astrology, tarot and shamanic womancraft
to explore and celebrate your

Sacred Cycles
& Rites of Passage

Life is a series of initiations.

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    Whether it’s starting your day or navigating a big rite of passage like menopause or your Saturn Return, each transition is an opportunity to:
    This process is as natural as a crab outgrowing its shell.
    Over time, you spiral into greater authenticity, power, wisdom and love.  This is Nature’s way.
    But we can miss these opportunities because we’ve been conditioned and programmed to move through these transitions unconsciously.

    What's your next big rite of passage?

    Flow with your lunar
    & menstrual cycles

    Cyclical wisdom journal

    Track your transformation throughout 2024 with the TENTH EDITION of the Cyclical Wisdom Journal, a 130+ page workbook designed to help you track your 'moonthly' intentions and document your embodied wisdom over the course of four seasons.

    Orient to your longer cosmic seasons

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    Work with me

    Seeking to Know Thyself is an ancient and essential path towards meaning and purpose.

    There are many tools and lenses that enable you to access your intuitive knowing and self-awareness. 

    Choose a modality with which to explore your story and current queries:


    shamanic womancraft session

    Weave together the tapestry of your birth imprint, rites of passage, and ancestral story, to increase your self-awareness, step beyond your conditioning, and embody your essence...

    Copy of CWJ 2021 cover A4 final

    astrology reading

    The moment of your birth was a particular and precious imprint. Use the archetypal lens of astrology to understand your personality, as well as to orient within in a number of different cycles and attune to what Life is asking of you right now...

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    tarot reading

    The imagery of the Tarot is a potent pathway to our intuitive knowing. Bring a current challenge or query, in order to perceive it afresh and access new possibilities, or get a second opinion on a particular reading...
    (sessions available in person and online)

    “We’ve all been unwittingly programmed without our conscious assent.  Out of our confusion, ignorance, and naivete, we bought into the negative programs.  We let them run us.  But now we can choose to stop.  We can choose a different direction.  We can choose to become more aware, more conscious, more responsible, and more discerning.  We can refuse to sit there like a blank tape recorder, taking in every program the world hands us.  The world is only too willing to exploit our naivete and play upon our smallness, with all its vanities and fears.”

    ~ David R. Hawkins, Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender

    Free Report!

    This customised, 18-page report is a snapshot of your cyclical present-moment!

    What opportunities are open to you right now,
    awaiting your conscious embrace?

    Map where you are in your menstrual (if relevant), lunar, seasonal and life cycle.

    AND, discover your next two astrological rites of passage(Ever heard of your ‘Saturn Return’?)

    Tune in here

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