Cyclical Wisdom Journal

auto-cartography soul archive archetypal dance trail of breadcrumbs

Cyclical Wisdom Journal

auto-cartography soul archive archetypal dance trail of breadcrumbs

Cyclical Wisdom Journal

auto-cartography soul archive archetypal dance trail of breadcrumbs

130+ page workbook which follows the cycles of Sun and Moon in 2023 and invites you to:
your life
flow with the cycles of change
and celebrate your transformation over time!

We spiral through life

We live many beginnings, many expansions, many endings.

We grow and let go throughout the year, just as the garden does, as the seasons shift.

Every experience builds on what comes before.

Which means, if we document our life a little, then when we find ourselves in a familiar pattern, we can learn from our previous experiences and try something new!

Over time, this builds

Take a peek!


yes to living deeply rooted in my embodied experience

Every month feels like I’m laying down a path of bread crumbs, so I can find my way back to myself, what I’ve been learning, and ultimately how to guide my own self forward into the next round of the spiral.
Mother, Mender, Milkmaid & Gardener

Hi, I'm Grace!

I love how it becomes possible to see patterns when we reflect back on our experience in a structured way, and the mirror of the cosmos never ceases to fill me with wonder and delight!

This is my ninth year of creating the CYCLICAL WISDOM JOURNAL, this powerful self-awareness tool…  Let me talk you through it!

Witness your life on one page

Set an intention each New Moon

Reflect each week with soulful prompts

Creatively digest your month

Mark eight seasonal moments

See some sample pages here
I've used my journal so deeply this year. It's been amazing.
I used my CWJ in all the moments I was feeling overwhelmed or lost, and it helped me to reconnect to myself, my body and the moon cycle, and find motivation and balance.
My CWJ has definitely been the primary tool in connecting to my inner wisdom and spiritual practice.

a place to BE yourself
a way to HOLD your story
a means to BEHOLD yourself over time

Inspired by The Lovers

This year’s cover is inspired by The Lovers tarot archetype, reflecting each other in a perfect symmetry of wounding and possibility.

This mirroring invites us to bring together our yin and yang, our mind and intuition, our light and dark, in holy union.

You and your future self are twins, two kindred hearts.  Your future self is being birthed in you through a myriad of daily choices.

The Journal provides a place to catch glimpses, and document those moments of soul-call and personal evolution.

I got your Journal as I am in a big stage of my life, trusting it will be calmer in a few years! This year it has helped me more than a therapist could as I am getting to know my internal world so deeply.
The Cyclical Wisdom Journal has gifted me moments to slow down, tune inwards and be present to myself.
The Journal has helped me create a structure, find a path and a vision amid a major life transformation and is especially helpful for reflection.

“We have all a better guide in ourselves,
if we would attend to it,
than any other person can be.”

~ Jane Austen

The Cyclical Wisdom Journal

is a gift for you this year!

First off, what is a gift?  It’s an open-ended interaction where:

1) The recipient, and not the giver, determines the ‘price’ (the return gift)
2) The return gift is chosen after the initial gift has been received, not before.

So why am I gifting it?

Firstly, how can you know the value of something if you’ve never used it?  It will be a waste of time for some, and life-changing for others.

Perhaps once you’ve been reflecting cyclically in this way for a bit, the value may become clear and you can gift me something in return!

Secondly, our debt-based financial system is a Ponzi scheme that is slowly and naturally collapsing.  We need to transform how we exchange our gifts and services, how we use money and what it incentivises us to do.

The Journal has always been a labour of love.  So much of what I value and know to be worthwhile can never be bought.

Thirdly, I’ve already received so much ~ in part because Nature is abundant: there’s air to breathe whenever I need it, but also because my Western culture has already extracted so much from many lands and cultures.  This is a tiny thing I can offer back, especially to those from whom so much has been taken.

Finally, because What I Do Unto You, I Do Unto Myself
In other words, what is of benefit to you is of benefit to me too, because we are related, connected and interwoven!

So, I offer the Journal as a gift, as a way to Re-Member that there is an abundance, and trusting in the generosity of CWJ users to support me in sustaining and developing this work.

* I am indebted to Charles Eisenstein’s explorations and languaging of the possibilities of Living in the Gift in his book Sacred Economics.

Soooo, without further ado...
Get your copy now!

It’s served as a really helpful tool in getting clear about what’s important to me and holding myself accountable for that. I can’t really impart enough just how much I love the journal and how it aligns with me.
It’s the first time I’ve been able to develop a consistent journalling practice, which also means this is the first time I’ve also been able to actually track what is coming up at different times.
The CWJ has really helped me feel grounded and focused during this tender and troubling year. I love the Seed/Grow/Harvest/Let Go format as it helps me see the gifts of each cycle and connect to my intentions in a more organic and gentle way (different from my usual linear To Do lists!!)

“ To live in the gift is to reunite with our true nature.”

~ Charles Eistenstein

A mytho-poetic Language

Astrology is a means by which humans have sought to describe and gain insight into our reality for thousands of years.

Not everyone rocks the language of astrology, but in general we can all relate to the archetypal needs and faces of humanity to which these symbols and stories direct us.

The movement of, for example, the Moon through the twelve zodiac signs is akin to a liturgical calendar, calling us to reflect on different facets of our human experience – some that feel native to us, and some that don’t.

That’s the gift of any kind of rhythmical reflection – we don’t just stick with the bits that feel comfortable, but take time to touch on them all and live a greater wholeness as a result…

The Cyclical Wisdom Journal steps through twelve New Moons that cycle through the twelve zodiacal signs.  By paying attention to our lived experience throughout the year, we can nuance our understanding of what these archetypes mean for us.

It is not necessary to understand or value the astrological information in the Journal to gain full benefit from its use!

yes to working with the natural rhythms of constant change​

Sacred Mundane

The CYCLICAL WISDOM JOURNAL is a weekly, monthly or whenever-it-fits self-reflection practice that can stand you firmly in your truth.

Even jotting down a few words a month becomes an invaluable record ~ don’t set the bar too high!

The Journal is a place in which to record your life as it unfolds, the joyful, the difficult, the mundane, the ecstatic…

Using the Cyclical Wisdom Journal has been a beautiful way to deepen my connection to Gaia and my awareness of how her cycles and rhthyms live and move through me.
It’s the first time I’ve been able to develop a consistent journalling practice, which also means this is the first time I’ve also been able to actually track what is coming up at different times.
Between having my astrology chart and my Cyclical Wisdom Journal, I am having one productive yet grounded year. I can't express how much my CWJ supports me to stay present to myself.


Yes, there is a version of the Cyclical Wisdom Journal for each hemisphere ~ select the one relevant to you when ordering.

The Cyclical Wisdom Journal Southern Hemisphere edition is A4-sized.

And the Northern Hemisphere edition comes in both A4 and Letter-sized options. 

The Cyclical Wisdom Journal is created to be printed and used IRL!

The pdf version is an option for those who wish to print it off themselves.

Not at all!  There is some basic astrological information in the Journal (for example, about the twelve signs of the zodiac and what they represent) but this information is optional rather than essential.

More info here.

If you have a particular query, get in touch over here.

Thanks for asking!  I’ve collected a list of ways and means over here!

The Journal plus the 'Reclaiming Rest' course have helped me really understand how I burn and bust in the lunar cycle and try to fit too much into one short cycle, leaving myself squirrelling and trying to finish things right through winter.
Educator & Parent
Great reflection tool and wonderful for helping me tune in to my cyclical nature in the absence of my menstrual cycle while breastfeeding.
Incredible insights into the patterns and themes that are playing out in my life and which are often really influential in what happens to me and my family.