Cyclical Wisdom Journal

→ 190+ pages!
→ set New Moon intentions
→ have fun with creative processes
→ dabble with astrology
→ find your flow!

Pay what feels right!

We spiral through life

Each moment is comprised of many overlapping cycles.

We wax and wane throughout the month, just as the Moon does.  We grow and let go throughout the year, just as the garden does, as the seasons shift.

The CYCLICAL WISDOM JOURNAL is a 190-page workbook which follows the cycles of Moon and Sun throughout the year.  It’s an invitation to:
your life
witness your patterns
and find your flow

within these 
natural rhythms!

Hi, I'm Grace!

I love how it becomes possible to see patterns when we reflect back on our experience in a structured way, and the mirror of the cosmos never ceases to delight me!

This is my seventh year of creating the Cyclical Wisdom Journal, this powerful self-awareness tool…  Let me talk you through it!

Monthly Moon Cycle

Check out a sample set of lunar cycle pages HERE!

Seasonal Sun Cycle

Check out a sample set of solar cycle pages HERE!

The Cyclical Wisdom Journal will gift you with...

I used it in all the moments I was feeling overwhelmed or lost, and it helped me to reconnect to myself, my body and the moon cycle, and find motivation and balance.
It has definitely been the primary tool in connecting to my inner wisdom and spiritual practice.
Incredible insights into the patterns and themes that are playing out in my life and which are often really influential in what happens to me and my family.

Build up a body of knowledge, unique to you!

The Cyclical Wisdom Journal can help!

The CYCLICAL WISDOM JOURNAL is a 190-page workbook that orients you to your yearseason and lunar month and day in ways that help you live on purpose in 2020.

Fundamentally, the Journal raises your awareness of how you are experiencing the four cycles that affect many of us each day: the menstruallunarseasonal and life cycles

See for yourself.

Not just a journal.

In addition, to the 190+ page journal, you receive:

→ access to the Priestess Your Life COMMUNITY

→ tips on how to use your Journal, and extra resources

→ access to a guided meditation to call in ‘allies’ for 2020

Fundamentally, if you let it, the CYCLICAL WISDOM JOURNAL can scaffold you into a weekly and/or monthly self-reflection practice that will deeply ground you in your embodied truth and keep you accountable to your dreams, amidst the fullness that is this Life in the 21st century.

yes to living deeply rooted

in my body, in my truth, in my vision

Using the Cyclical Wisdom Journal has been a beautiful way to deepen my connection to Gaia and my awareness of how her cycles and rhthyms live and move through me.
It’s the first time I’ve been able to develop a consistent journalling practice, which also means this is the first time I’ve also been able to actually track what is coming up at different times.
Between having my astrology chart and my Cyclical Wisdom Journal, I am having one productive yet grounded year. I can't express how much my CWJ supports me to stay present to myself.

What's the deal?


Every little bit of your experience that you take the time to record adds up over time into a powerful ‘testimony‘ of your cyclical embodiment, your habits and patterns, your dreams and longings, your struggles and intentions!

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We are Re-Membering ourselves as cyclical beings

The Journal plus the 'Reclaiming Rest' course have helped me really understand how I burn and bust in the lunar cycle and try to fit too much into one short cycle, leaving myself squirrelling and trying to finish things right through winter.
Community Builder
Great reflection tool and wonderful for helping me tune in to my cyclical nature in the absence of my menstrual cycle while breastfeeding.
Incredible insights into the patterns and themes that are playing out in my life and which are often really influential in what happens to me and my family.



Astrology is a means by which we have sought to describe and gain insight into our reality for thousands of years.

Not everyone rocks the language of astrology, but in general we can all relate to the archetypal needs and faces of humanity to which these symbols and stories direct us.

The movement of, for example, the Moon through the twelve zodiac signs is akin to a liturgical calendar, calling us to reflect on different facets of our human experience – some that feel native to us, and some that don’t.

That’s the gift of any kind of rhythmical reflection – we don’t just stick with the bits that feel comfortable, but take time to touch on them all and live a greater wholeness as a result…

The Cyclical Wisdom Journal steps through thirteen New Moons that cycle through the twelve zodiacal signs.  By paying attention to our lived experience throughout the year, we can nuance our understanding of what these archetypes mean for us.

It is not necessary to understand or value the astrological information in the Journal to gain full benefit from its use!



The CYCLICAL WISDOM JOURNAL invites you to survey the coming year and make some educated guesses about what might be coming down the pipe.

By looking at the astrological ‘rites-of-passage’ that are heading your way (the Saturn Return, for example) and which ‘annual profected year’ you are in, you may get a sense of what tone or direction your year may take.

Add that to your age and lifestage, and some clear opportunities and/or challenges may emerge.

On top of all that, 2020 is a big year (for astrologically-minded peeps, anyway!), cos two heavy-weights of the cosmos – Saturn & Pluto – are meeting in the skies in January.  This event occurs only every thirty years, and we’ve been living the build-up for months now.

In the mytho-poetic language of astrology, Saturn represents structure, stability and the status-quo.  Pluto represents the deepest of soulful transformation, the caterpillar turning to absolute mush in the cocoon, the lead vaporising in the alchemist’s crucible.

Not necessarily a cruisey ride, then?!

Whether you’re experiencing this as the call to change things up in order to align more deeply with your Soul’s call, or whether you’re feeling the desperate cry of Mother Earth and the outrage of the Extinction Rebellion movement, we can agree that 2020 is shaping up to be a significant year.  

A turning point in how we as a society see ourselves (and our future).  

A turning point for us in our own life, and how we see ourselves (and our future).

▽ ▽ ▽

To help you access your inner guidance and get crystal clear for 2020, the CYCLICAL WISDOM JOURNAL invites you to:

→ reflect on what structure (Saturn) and transformation (Pluto) mean to you

→ envision your Future Self (the dynamic person you know you could become!)

→ understand the opportunities of your stage of life and any upcoming astrological ‘rites-of-passage’

→  and call in an archetypal GUIDE or ALLY!

"Inner guidance is heard like soft music in the night by those who have learned to listen."

~ Vernon Howard



What do I receive?

 → a 120+ page journal (digital or print)

→ access to an e-course to talk you through the purpose of each page and any ‘setting up’ for the year

→ access to a meditation to call in ‘allies’ for 2020

regular emails with reminders and links to download pages

→ access to the Prieste


In other years, the Cyclical Wisdom Journal has come in both print and digital editions, but for 2021, it’s solely in digital form.

We recommend you print it out and either get it bound at a copy shop, or keep your pages loose in a folder, add your creative reflections/art each month, and get it bound at the end of the year as a very special document!

You can also sign up to the Cyclical Wonder Club and get the pages emailed to you each month!

This is the seventh year running, creating this ever-evolving tool!

Well, COVID, for one thing.  It’s been a tough year, financially, for many people.

And, the idea arrived with all the hallmarks of a message from the Yoniverse, and I try to act on those!

If you have a particular query, get in touch over here.

“We have all a better guide in ourselves, if we would attend to it, than any other person can be.” ~ Jane Austen

Stay Tuned!

The Cyclical Wisdom Journal is out on 1st December,2020.

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