2016 Dreaming

Happy New Year!

I got inspired today to make a little self-reflection tool, for this reflective time of year! It’s based on applying the gardening metaphor to our own lives and being able to look back over the whole year on one page – the visual part of me loves and needs this clarity!

And I’d like to share it with you! It’s yours to download for free – just click on one of these links!2016 Dreaming Southern Hemisphere copy
Southern Hemisphere
Northern Hemisphere

Jot down anything significant that happened, or anything significant you’ve got planned for 2016.  From here you can use the analogy of gardening and the seasons to consider what’s emerging in your life!

For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, you may wish to fill out two – one to see the whole last cycle – from Winter 2014 to Winter 2015 – in order to understand what’s emerging in this cycle.

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, you may also wish to fill out two – one with what happened in 2015, and one with your dreams and plans for 2016!

For more info on the gardening analogy and how it corresponds to other natural cycles, you are welcome to download a free copy of my publication Cycles & Spirals: a Lunar-Solar Journal!

Goal-setting and planning for 2016

200x200_AffiliateGraphics2016I’ve already begun dreaming into 2016, thanks to Leonie Dawson’s goal-setting books for Life and Business! I’m loving the questions prompting me to consider growth in areas of life I wouldn’t usually think about. What were my actual business figures for 2015? Who do I want to spend more time with this year? What are my spiritual goals? What’s my major creative goal for the year? etc…

I gave a copy of 2016 Create Your Shining Life in Life to my sisters-in-law, my older nieces, my brothers’s girlfriends and to my 11-y-old daughter! Feels like one of my best gift ideas ever, in terms of creating positive change in the world, given that writing your goals down is what makes a massive difference between achieving them or not!

It’s been exciting listening to my daughter’s reflections on what’s been great and what’s been hard in 2015, and I’m excited to be cheer leader for her in 2016, helping her tweak the things that aren’t optimal, and more importantly, supporting her to call in what she’s passionate about!

In her case, that’s a dog! So yep, we are getting a dog in 2016! I can’t say I’m super excited about the nitty-gritty practicalities of having a four-legged baby, but I do want to honour my daughter’s lifelong love of animals and I know that real-life responsibility is one of the best avenues for learning! So bring it on (even if my knuckles are a little white)!




What’s cooking for you in 2016? Would love to hear – leave a comment! And if you’re looking to get strategic and creative in 2016, have a look at Ms Dawson’s site – lots of freebies, too! 🙂

Lots of love and enjoy this potent time, whether you party the night away or snuggle up at home!