Be devoted to your transformation

(and in doing so, transform the world!)

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    You are unfolding over time,
    as exquisitely as any flower,
    as infinitely as any star-filled sky.  

    I hope you know that!

    You wax and wane,
    expand and contract, 
    flourish and diminish, 
    grow and die and grow again.


    And to ‘priestess your life’ means to honour yourself, and find your rhythm, amidst this natural process of transformation.

    Hi, I’m Grace, a women’s mysteries teacher and astrologer, and I’m here to help you walk your path boldly, and find the insight you seek ~ within you!

    Work with me

    The ‘priestess’ archetype offers a new possibility of companioning yourself through ever-present change.

    You can choose to render the present moment ‘sacred,’ attune to your innate inner guidance, trust your process (even when you’re in a ‘dark night of the soul’), and be devoted to the Self that Life is calling you to Become!

    Here are some offerings that may aid you in this endeavour:

    Cyclical Wisdom Journal

    Track your intentions and document your embodied wisdom over the course of a year!

    Cyclical Wonder Club

    Stay connected to yourself and the lunar cycle with weekly emails, and take some time each Dark Moon to digest the month together.

    Clarity Sessions

    Explore current challenges and opportunities through the lens of astrology, cyclical embodiment and shamanic awareness.

    This customised, 18-page report is a snapshot of your cyclical present-moment!

    What opportunities are open to you right now,
    awaiting your conscious embrace?

    Map where you are in your menstrual (if relevant), lunar, seasonal and life cycle.

    AND, discover your next two astrological rites of passage(Ever heard of your ‘Saturn Return’?)

    "For just one second, shift your awareness out of the claustrophobia and spinning of conditioned thinking and into the soles of your feet as they make contact with the earth. Root there, into the mud and womb.

    It’s not so safe in those old patterns of thinking – enactments of intergenerational trauma and trance. Allow your attention to come up out of the earth and infuse your belly, your heart, and your throat, with compassion, holding, and breath. Holy data.

    Renew your vow: I will not turn from myself and abandon my embodied vulnerability. No, not this time. I will no longer pathologize my emotional experience, the somatic narrative, the story of my nervous system.

    Grief is not pathology. Heartbreak is not pathology. Sensitivity is not pathology. Not pathology, but path."

    ~ Matt Licata

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