Be devoted to your transformation

(and in doing so, transform the world!)

Unfolding over time

You are unfolding over time,
as exquisitely as any flower,
as infinitely as any star-filled sky.  

I hope you know that!

You wax and wane,
expand and contract, 
flourish and diminish, 
grow and die and grow again.


And to ‘priestess your life’ means to honour yourself, and find your rhythm, amidst this natural process of transformation.

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    The ‘priestess’ archetype offers a new possibility of companioning yourself through ever-present change.

    You can choose to render the present moment ‘sacred,’ attune to your innate inner guidance, trust your process (even when you’re in a ‘dark night of the soul’), and be devoted to the Self that Life is calling you to Become!

    Here are some offerings that may aid you in this endeavour:

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