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Our lives are affected by numerous, overlapping cycles: our menstrual cycle, the lunar cycle, the seasonal cycle, our life cycle and other astronomical cycles, to name a few.

Use the CYCLICAL WISDOM JOURNAL to help you attune to this rhythmical wisdom, find your unique FLOW, and map your life unfolding over time!

Once we were priestesses...

Powerful, sovereign women.  We lived grounded and joyful in our bodies, dynamic leaders within our families and communities.

Our cyclical experience intimately connected us with the cosmos, in particular, the Moon’s journey through the sky.  Our wombs created miraculous new life.  Our aging brought valuable wisdom.

We embodied the sacred, every day! 
And we were honoured for it…

But for thousands of years, we’ve been deliberately cut off from ourselves, our bodies and our sisters.

In place of the sacred, we embody chronic self-doubt, self-criticism, overwhelm, anxiety and depression.

These experiences are a natural legacy of being born into a patriarchal world. 

But we still embody the sacred, every day, and we can reclaim our cyclical, spiritual power any time!

Hi, I'm Grace!

I’m a teacher, astrologer and circle facilitator living in Manitoba, Canada, and I’m obsessed with cycles and patterns and how they relate to our embodied experience as women!

What if...

you've only been told half the story?

What story?  You know, the one about how only the YANG half of the creative cycle is valuable – the growing, productive, expanding, summery, positive, ‘up’ part of the process.

The story where the YIN half of the cycle gets a really bad rap.  You know, the letting go, surrendering, wintery, unproductive, ‘negative’, ‘down’ side of things.  (AKA, compost, decay and death!)

Symptoms of living a solely yang worldview include feeling overwhelmed, disoriented, disembodied, burned out, lacking inner guidance and direction, and worst of all, feeling ashamed and alone.

But if that’s you, that’s all about to change!

The Invitation.


where you are in the Cycles of Transformation


the opportunities of each phase


your wholeness, live your truth, follow your joy!

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Latest Posts

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Full Moon in Aries 2020

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New Moon in Leo: Fresh Start

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Hike Magic

Beautiful hike on the weekend, at #huntlaketrail.  The world is a beautiful place!  This summer, I’ve been committed to soaking some of it up… Listening to the rocks, marvelling at the moss and roots, cooling my feet in the water

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LQ Moon in Taurus: Self Care = Green!

Hi folks, welcome to this Third Quarter Moon, and this final week of the current lunar cycle! Check out my video on this! GREEN BREAKFAST Self care for me this week is upping my green game, so empowering for my body.

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Let’s pause and count all the ways, great and small, in which we are showing up for this work called Life. Let’s pause and honour all the ways we are putting ourselves out there in new configurations, giving the best

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Attune to your natural cycles!

Maps your menstrual, lunar, seasonal and life cycles, as well as your next two upcoming major astrological rites of passage!

Stay Tuned!

The Cyclical Wisdom Journal is out on 1st December,2020.

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