Change is cyclical. Reflect on the past to flow with the future.

You are unfolding over time,
as exquisitely as any flower,
as infinitely as any star-filled sky.  

I hope you know that!

You wax and wane,
expand and contract, 
flourish and diminish, 
grow and die and grow again.


And to ‘priestess your life’ means to honour yourself, and find your rhythm, amidst this natural process of transformation.

Hi, I’m Grace, a cyclical life coach, astrologer and circle facilitator and I’m obsessed with cycles and patterns and how they relate to our embodied experience!


If change has a cyclical quality, chances are, you’ve been here before.  By reflecting on your past, you expand the possibilities of this present moment.  

You don’t need someone else’s wisdom: you just have to remember your own…

Cyclical Wisdom Journal

Document your life according to the Sun & Moon and attune to the opportunities of each month and season of the year!

Online Workshops

Learn the basics of astrology (a tool for looking both back and forwards), explore our privilege and how to dismantle it, and more... Most importantly, connect with other kindred folk!

Astrology Readings

Astrology offers us incredible customised timeframes for short- and long-term change, as well as an ancient symbolic language with which to explore the themes of our transformation!

This customised, 18-page report is a snapshot of your cyclical present-moment!

What opportunities are open to you right now,
awaiting your conscious embrace?

Map where you are in your menstrual (if relevant), lunar, seasonal and life cycle.

AND, discover your next two astrological rites of passage(Ever heard of your ‘Saturn Return’?)

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