Be devoted to your transformation

(and in doing so, transform the world!)

You are unfolding over time,
as exquisitely as any flower,
as infinitely as any star-filled sky.  

You wax and wane,
expand and contract, 
flourish and diminish, 
grow and die and grow again.

To ‘priestess your life’ means to honour yourself and find your rhythm amidst this powerful natural process of transformation.

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    Hi, I’m Grace, a women’s mysteries teacher, astrologer and Tarot lover, and I’m here to help you walk your path boldly, and find the insight you seek ~ within you!

    Cyclical Wisdom Journal

    I find it powerfully helpful to understand where I am in a particular cycle, whether that’s my menstrual cycle, the lunar cycle, the seasonal cycle, or any number of planetary cycles.

    That’s why each year I create the
    Cyclical Wisdom Journal, a 130+ page workbook to help you track your ‘moonthly’ intentions and document your embodied wisdom over the course of four seasons.

    And in 2023, I’m offering it as a free gift
    from me to you!

    Work with me

    Seeking to Know Thyself is an ancient and essential path towards meaning and purpose.

    There are many tools and lenses that enable you to access your intuitive knowing and self-awareness. 

    Choose a modality with which to explore your story and current queries:


    shamanic womancraft session

    Weave together the tapestry of your birth imprint, rites of passage, and ancestral story, to increase your self-awareness, step beyond your conditioning, and embody your essence...

    Copy of CWJ 2021 cover A4 final

    astrology reading

    The moment of your birth was a particular and precious imprint. Use the archetypal lens of astrology to understand your personality, as well as to orient within in a number of different cycles and attune to what Life is asking of you right now...

    viva-luna-studios-zu_hPWH32wA-unsplash small

    tarot reading

    The imagery of the Tarot is a potent pathway to our intuitive knowing. Bring a current challenge or query, in order to perceive it afresh and access new possibilities, or get a second opinion on a particular reading...
    (sessions available in person and online)

    Free Report!

    This customised, 18-page report is a snapshot of your cyclical present-moment!

    What opportunities are open to you right now,
    awaiting your conscious embrace?

    Map where you are in your menstrual (if relevant), lunar, seasonal and life cycle.

    AND, discover your next two astrological rites of passage(Ever heard of your ‘Saturn Return’?)

    Tune in here

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