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    Life has a way of demanding wholeness...

    Maybe you’re feeling it, the call to change.  To lean in to your cutting edge of growth.  To take the next step…

    In a Clarity session, or multi-session journey, we combine astrological insight, cyclical wisdom and shamanic awareness and tools, with your embodied knowing so you can:

    expand what's possible

       embrace your transformation

             and deepen into radical self-trust!

    Soulful Queries & Explorations

    Any of these reflect your situation?

    How It Works

    Before we meet, I study your natal chart, transits and progressions, to see what the Cosmos is mirroring about your current experience.  

    I bring these insights to our session in the form of questions and deep interest in your embodied, lived experience!

    Together, “in the precision and openness and intelligence of the present,” we listen for what is wanting to unfold in your life right now…

    Before we meet, I study your natal chart, transits and progressions, to see what the Cosmos is mirroring about your current experience.  

    I bring these insights to our session in the form of questions and deep interest in your embodied, lived experience!

    Together, we listen for what is wanting to unfold, in the power of the present moment

    Single Session

    In this 75min conversation, we’ll explore:

    Multi-Session Journey

    Throughout three sessions together, we build on the single-session explorations, but with the added power of witnessing your transformation over time!

    "My session with Grace was so clarifying in so many ways, especially why I had been struggling with this transitional time in my life."
    "I came on thinking Grace was going to tell me how it was but instead she drew it out of me very skilfully."
    "Thank YOU for all the work you did for me. It gave me quite a bit to think about and a lot of peace!!! More peace than I have felt in years. So thank you again. "
    Priestess of Transformation

    "Our job in this lifetime is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it."

    ~ Steven Pressfield, The War of Art

    Archetypes & Astrological Rites of Passage

    Use the mytho-poetic language of astrology to deepen your self-understanding, get clearer on your life purpose, and explore how you embody particular archetypes!

    (More descriptions coming soon…)

    natal chart: cosmic mirror

    Your natal chart functions as a celestial mirror of your lived experience, offering insights about your gifts and ways of being, the timing of difficult experiences, and soul-nourishing directions in which to head.

    As we talk, we will correlate and anchor the rich tapestry of astrological symbolism to your lived experience ~ earthing this esoteric map in your embodiment.

    progressed moon: life spiral

    The ‘secondary progressed lunar cycle’ is a potent astrological timing technique which takes the Moon’s familiar 29-day journey, and extends it into a 29-year cycle.  This cycle maps an emotional maturation process: the ‘seed’ of our Self unfolding over time, through various seasons of life.

    Knowing what season you are in can be both validating and empowering, and crystalises the challenges, opportunities and soul-tasks you are facing right now.

    Lilith: Wild Sovereignty

    Explore the archetype of Lilith – the ‘wild sovereign feminine‘ – in your embodied experience.  Reframe experiences you had as a child and teen, and find out where Lilith is asking you to ripple healing out into the world right now!

    Saturn: Mastery & Discipline

    Every 29 years (age 28-29, age 58-59, age 87-88), Saturn completes a full cycle through the zodiac and ‘returns’ to where he was in the sky when you were born.

    Saturn, AKA Master of Discipline, Old Father Time, the Grim Reaper!

    This is an archetype strongly rooted in the power of time.  Think of a tree slowly growing roots that run incredibly deep and strong.  Think of that tree eventually decaying and dying, offering itself as humus to feed new life.  This is Saturn.

    “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”

    We work with Saturn’s energy and lessons throughout our life, all the way to the ‘peak experience’ of our death. 

    By listening for these saturnine lessons now, we may well have the opportunity to ‘die well,’ something which is a significant gift to those we leave behind, and something which is becoming increasingly rare these days…

    Suffice it to say, we are apprentice to Saturn for the whole of our lives. 

    Seven-Year Cycles
    Saturn’s cycle can be broken down into increments of seven years.  It can be illuminating to reflect back on what was happening at these times when Saturn’s challenges and soulful invitations were ‘louder’ than usual.

    As we look at these four moments in time (roughly age 7-14-21-28, or age 29-36-43-51-58, etc), insights flow in about what Life is asking of you right now.

    New Identity
    Saturn represents order, form, tradition, mastery, maturity, boundaries, death, karma, culture and the status quo, and this significant astrological ‘rite-of-passage’ often correlates with significant life restructuring and shifts in identity.

    If you are in a Saturnine rite of passage, you may wish to gain clarity on where you are being called to take more responsibility, or step out of your own personal status quo into a brand new reality.

    First house profected year:
    AGE 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72

    These are years of significant identity shifts ~ let’s talk about the new aspects of self that are calling for expression!

    Age 27-30:
    Progressed Lunar Return and Saturn Return

    Age 41-42:
    Uranus Opposition

    Age 48-50:
    Chiron Return

    Age 57-60:
    Second Saturn Return

    "I loved our conversation, it was so very supportive and helpful to me."
    Midwifery Student

    What if life is "a custom-ordered curriculum for our highest development as people?

    From this perspective, we can feel gratitude for whatever is occurring in our lives, greasing the wheels of learning, curiosity and wonder."

    ~ Dethmer, Chapman & Warner Klemp,
    The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership

    Tough Times

    Change rarely feels comfortable; in fact, it can feel like a stretch we may not survive!

    Significant shifts of life circumstance ~ loss, divorce, moving house, betrayal, changing jobs, not to mention the “spiritual PTSD” of global crises such as COVID and climate ~ can deeply challenge our confidence, perspective and purpose.

    In these situations, you are invited to return to the gentle wisdom of your body, of Nature, of the Cosmos ~ in order to reconnect with your truth, curate your energy and embrace the opportunities of the present moment and who you are being called to Be and Become

    Book Now!

    Each session includes: a 75min conversation via Zoom, and digital recording

    For multiple sessions: book a date for our first session, and we’ll schedule the other two after we talk, to hone in on the best timing for you and your situation.

    "WOW this is so incredible what you’ve put together. Finally I get understand to my journey and the gifts of it. Thank you so so much"
    "I have been meaning to write to you and let you know that you have given me a lot of clarity, and I have so much gratitude. I will be recommending you to any of my future clients."
    "My conversation with Grace felt like such a warm, heartful embodied weaving together of my chart in a very loving kind way... So many epiphanies. I am so grateful to you, Grace. "

    "What we need right now is more women who have detoxed themselves so completely from the world's expectations that they are full of nothing but themselves.

    What we need are women who are
    full of themselves.

    A woman who is full of herself knows and trusts herself enough to say and do what must be done.

    She lets the rest burn..."

    ~ Glennon Doyle, Untamed​

    Who am I?

    I’m a wife, mother to three teenagers, astrologer, shamanic journeywoman, circle facilitator, lifelong journaller, writer and creator.

    I have always had a passion for embodying our values and living with integrity, even when – and especially when! – this involves making choices that shift us away from the mainstream.

    I’m also passionate about returning to our organic intelligence, our intuition, and the wisdom of our body, rather than being a slave to any “expert” opinion.

    I am committed to providing a space in which there’s room to follow, cultivate and celebrate the emergent truth within you.

    I bring:

    • a decade of studying astrology and receiving people’s life stories
    • five years of apprenticing in, and teaching, shamanic awareness, presence, stamina, ecstasy-tolerance and space-holding with The School of Shamanic Womancraft
    • almost two decades of journeying in conscious relationship with my partner
    • my experiences of birthing my children at home and journeying consciously with my menstrual cycle and sexual expression.

    This is my “expertise,” real and embodied, and laid in service to you and your journey!


    Obviously some of what we could do together is essentially like having an astrological reading, and I have offered readings for years.  The reason I am changing the language is because I want these sessions to be 100% oriented to you and your soulful query, and I don’t want us to be limited by the astrological framework in any way.

    There’s a power in the present moment, as a story unfolds, and I want us to be able to follow your insight wherever it leads!

    That said, if you want a reading, no worries, put that in your booking notes and let me know what you’d like to learn about!

    Perhaps you have a particular challenge or question, and you’re wondering about the best timing for unpacking it.

    Or perhaps you know that roughly, you’re in the middle of your Chiron Return, or heading up to it, but you don’t know exactly when it is. Astrological rites of passage aren’t always obvious, and often unfold over the course of a year or two.  

    Whatever your situation, feel free to email me (grace at with what you’re sitting with.  I’ll have a look at your chart to see what might be bubbling symbolically, and get back to you with some suggestions and potential clarity(!) around timing!


    "OMG Grace, I just read through your report and it is AMAZING. Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the care you have put into the report, and yes it makes a lot of sense."
    "Clear distilled and accurate vision of my chart, especially my Lilith readings. Highly recommend Grace. I'm not an astrology type either really so her language was perfect for me."
    Midwifery Consumer Advocate

    Chiron Reading

    chiron astrology reading stepping off a cliffThis astrology reading explores the archetype of Chiron ~ the Sacred Wound, the Wounded Healer ~ in your natal chart. Listen for what painful experiences you are being called to transmute or reimagine, and anchor the original vision for love and connection which you brought with you to this life when you were born.

    Chiron is the centaur of Greek myth and namesake of a particular asteroid in the cosmic sky.  Chiron is the archetype of the Sacred Wound, the Wounded Healer, the Embodied teacher.

    Chiron as a point on your natal chart represents “a ‘tender spot’ within the self-definition, a place which cannot be strengthened through self-talk, outer achievements or outside validation.  It might also be described as the raw feeling of being too exposed, too vulnerable, permanently broken or somehow defeated.” (from astrologer Adam Gainsburg)

    Sacred Wound
    A wound implies an original vision.  We come into this world with some kind of knowing how things could be, especially in terms of love and connection.

    The wound occurs when our vision is lost, hidden, discarded, undermined, scattered and shattered in our interactions with our families and the world we find ourselves in.

    We render our wound sacred when we welcome home these excruciatingly vulnerable and endangered parts of ourselves, by feeling all the feelings they invoke in us, by hearing their stories and needs, by holding our witness perspective and practicing radical self-acceptance.  Truly a lifework!

    Spiritual Awakening
    Powerful words from Jean Houston in her book The Search for the Beloved:
    “In times of suffering, when you feel abandoned, perhaps even annihilated, there is occurring – at levels deeper than your pain – the entry of the sacred, the possibility of redemption.  Wounding opens the doors of our sensibility to a larger reality, which is blocked by our habituated and conditioned point of view.  Consciousness that had been previously well-robotised and trained to the consensual perspective of our particular culture is excruciatingly sensitized and has a vastly extended sensorium.  Pathos give us eyes and ears to see and hear what our normal eyes and ears cannot.”

    And from this place of seeing and hearing, of feeling all the feelings, of “doing a Rumi” and welcoming them all in…

    … from this place we are the Wounded Healer, the Embodied Teacher, sharing a humble yet extraordinarily potent medicine with the world.

    Astrological Rite of Passage
    Chiron has a roughly 50-year cycle, so when we reach 49-50 years of age, we experience what astrologers call our CHIRON RETURN.

    Our Chiron Return represents a powerful call to include/integrate and transcend the stories of pain and vulnerability that have shaped us and the corresponding defensive postures which continue to constrain our full potential.

    In this session we pull out key dates from your Chiron journey (throughout your life to date), enquiring into repeated themes and stories at these times in your life, listening for what soul evolution is being sung up within you, and doing our best to discover and anchor the original vision for love and connection which you brought with you when you were born.

    This astrology reading includes:

    • a 1-hour conversation via Zoom
    • a copy of your natal chart
    • download link to the digital recording of our conversation
    "Thank you for today, Grace... really given me the extra little gem pieces I needed to work my way through this... as always... so lovely to work with you..."
    "Thanks you so much. You have captured my story precisely as I have told you. You have woven it in beautifully with the Astrological and Archetypal aspects. It is a pleasure to read!"
    "I’ve had quite a few astrology readings and this one felt very special. Grace wove many pieces together that had never been seen and woven before. HIGHLY RECOMMEND a reading with her!!! "