Insight & Clarity for 2018

I love the time-out-of-time quality of this week between Christmas and New Years – how all the regular rhythms fall away and the outside world slows down a little.  My phone’s been off, the emails are piling up, and I count that as a good thing.  Feels like prime time for Dreaming…

Don’t know about you, but some of my best New Year’s Eve experiences have been the ones I’ve spent alone, feeling into the coming year, tuning in to my passions and ideas, and mapping what’s to come via various means!

In this spirit, I’ve created a New Year resource for you and I called ‘Insight and Clarity for 2018’ which lists a few different ways to engage with 2018 in its imminent unfolding:

▽ Chinese Astrology: Year of the Earth Dog
▽ Western Astrology: Annual Profections & Astrological Rites of Passage
▽ Two New Year Tarot Spreads
▽ Power Animal & Spirit Guide for 2018
▽ Long-Range Goal Setting

While far from comprehensive, I hope there is something here of value to you.  Mix and match according to your own inclination, use what’s useful and discard the rest!

The ‘Insight and Clarity for 2018’ resource is yours for free, just sign up to my mailing list and download it!