Dark Moon in Capricorn: Struggling to Rest

We’ve travelled for a month through this last lunar cycle, with its New Moon in Capricorn on the 29th of December through to the New Moon in Aquarius on the 28th January. How has it been for you?  What messages have you received? I found each week quite distinct in energy. New/crescent moon:   I spent New Year’s […]

Spirit Guides for 2017

The Lunar Journal contains an invitation to do a drum journey to ascertain a power animal and spirit guide for 2017. A drum journey is a simple yet potent way to tap into collective wisdom, a experience of symbol and archetype that speaks directly to our soul.  Focusing on the beat of a drum alters […]

Medicine Drum workshop

It was a privilege for Sarah and I to facilitate this day with women birthing their own medicine drum!  Creating sacred, transformative instruments in a context of loving sisterhood. Here’s a video of some of the lacing work – gentle, repetitive crafting like this changes our brainwaves from beta to alpha, and we are receptive to receiving […]

Lizard Dreaming

We greeted the New Moon today with a drum journey, the kids and I.  They travelled down, down, down to explore and meet with animals, perhaps even their power animal.  Laying outside, the sounds of the birds all around. I sat my drum on the bench in the sun, the hide warming to the touch.  […]

Wombat Medicine

On the weekend I came across a wombat that had been hit by a car, sadly common around here.  But this was a mama wombat, and her baby was also dead.  Its tiny, pale, beautiful body was tucked under one of her front legs – perhaps the work of someone who’d found them earlier.  The […]