Spirit Guides for 2017

The Lunar Journal contains an invitation to do a drum journey to ascertain a power animal and spirit guide for 2017.

A drum journey is a simple yet potent way to tap into collective wisdom, a experience of symbol and archetype that speaks directly to our soul.  Focusing on the beat of a drum alters our brainwaves and enables us to access our inner knowing.

Here’s my experience, just an one tiny example of what this intuitive insight can look like!

A recording of a drum journey for this exact purpose is available for free for everyone on the Priestess Your Life email list!  If you’d like a copy, head over here!

I am journeying to the Lower Realm, down down down, feeling the descent in my belly.

In the cave, I meet Snow Leopard (my power animal), become Snow Leopard, but then I change back to being human, in case being in animal form interferes with finding a power animal for 2017.

Bat (my inner shaman) is present too, hanging on me near my collarbone.

We walk through a forest of very tall trees.  It is green, quiet, still… Lots of animals pass by: Butterfly, Puma, Deer, Elk, more that I can’t remember…

Bat flies me up high – there’s Crow and Sparrow, there’s Apple Tree.  But I feel I need to be on the ground.  And not in the ocean either.  This creature I am seeking is a four-legger.

We are back in the forest.  I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed, wondering how on earth this journey will coalesce into clarity.  I decide to try waiting for the animal to come to me.

I walk into a clearing with a mossy rock throne in the centre.  I sit there, and straight away a Doe comes.  I saw you before, I say.   She has a baby fawn.  I slowly feel teary, a heart resonance, even though I’m not sure why, and my brain is thinking about whether she’s a ‘fit’, but I know Doe is my power animal for 2017.

Doe medicine:
Gentle, yin, mother, my drum made of doe skin, deer very much connected to the work of the Four Seasons Journey, heart medicine, highly sensitive, grace, determination, strong intuition, innocence, vigilance…

From the forest, I travel to meet Aphrodite in her cave.  For me, she resides in the Lower Realm – or her cave there is one of her many homes!  She takes me instantly to Adele’s* place in the sky, to the golden Adonis.  A masculine Lover energy who is also one of my guides.

I’m thinking, really?  A god??  I was on the lookout for a goddess!

Sexual, masculine, self-love, self-pleasure, the yang to the yin of the doe…  all these connections run through my mind.

I feel perturbed, not what I expected.  I have a sense that researching more could confirm Adonis as patron god/spirit guide, thoughI have no reason to disbelieve or mistrust Aphrodite.

Later, I google Adonis.  Wikipedia is the first entry.  Affirmation came in the form of this information – the connections were instantaneous and made me laugh!
> an image of Aphrodite & Adonis together
> Adonis, in Greek mythology, is a central figure in various mystery religions
> the cult of Adonis belonged to women
> the cult of dying Adonis was fully developed in the circle of young girls around Sappho on Lesbos
> modern scholarship sometimes describes him as an annually renewed, ever-youthful vegetation god, a life-death-rebirth deity whose nature is tied to the calendar.

* Adele, the Incan priestess guide I’ve had for some years)

Adonis medicine:
Sexuality, pleasure, vigour, energy, eros, yang, wisdom of the cycles, shooting star, beauty and desire

Feels like a potent and balanced combo for 2017!  I am feeling very hopeful about this year, after the mixed bag of 2016 – so much learning, some easeful, some painful!  Welcome, 2017, I am excited about all you hold!

Remember, if you’d like to discover your own power animal and spirit guide, head over here to obtain your free drum journey!