Lizard Dreaming

We greeted the New Moon today with a drum journey, the kids and I.  They travelled down, down, down to explore and meet with animals, perhaps even their power animal.  Laying outside, the sounds of the birds all around.

I sat my drum on the bench in the sun, the hide warming to the touch.  I told the kids how when I first made it, even when I was choosing the hide, I felt it had a snake’s head on it – they could see it too.  For months I drummed what I thought was snake medicine (along with deer, ant and frog, all teachers in the drum-making process).


Then during my wilderness solo (three days and nights in the bush, alone and fasting), I was playing my drum and heard a rustle in the grass behind me.  I moved away and watched the space with interest, still drumming.  After a time, a small head appeared, ex
actly like the one on the hide –and then it emerged from the grass: not a snake but a lizard!

Ah!  This is a Lizard Dreaming drum!  For this amazingly concrete dialogue and understanding, with and through the natural world, I give great thanks!

The kids enjoyed that story.  And then Piper pointed out, and I saw it as she spoke, the head of a Crow above the Lizard!  Crow, another totem all around me here in the green hills, representing (for me) the strength of family working together, and always an invitation to step more fully into the present moment.  Crow, who I’ve never had eyes to see on my drum before!  I give great thanks!

drum 3Piper and I had been talking the previous night about a drum journey in which she saw a Desert of Lizards, these creatures lying still, resting in the sun, dreaming their life, living their dream.  Today, under this New Moon in Libra, calling in beauty and balance, I am grateful to go slowly like a lizard, being with the kids and planting flowers, tending to a dreamy life under a Spring sun.