Altar to Aphrodite

I was compelled last night to create an altar to Aphrodite, one of my least dominant goddess archetypes… She whose energy I desire to invoke more of in my life, to bring her to light within me.  She is actually very present, but rarely easeful in this body… I was dismayed I didn’t have more items […]

Oracle cards

Made my own oracle cards last night, on paper I eco-printed seasonally throughout last year – helpful anchors for my own hard-won truth or the wisdom passed on to me by others. They remind me of the shamanic reality I want to keep attuning to… fundamentally, love over fear…

The New Way: LOVE

I am increasingly witnessing a tussle in our culture between love and fear, in almost every arena of life.  Mainstream/patriarchal culture is fear- and control-based, and this Old Way is drawing us all towards ecocide – obviously not a sustainable way to live. Another possibility is to live a New Way: – trusting the process […]

Lizard Dreaming

We greeted the New Moon today with a drum journey, the kids and I.  They travelled down, down, down to explore and meet with animals, perhaps even their power animal.  Laying outside, the sounds of the birds all around. I sat my drum on the bench in the sun, the hide warming to the touch.  […]

Earth Medicine

I’m giving thanks today for my man and the Earth Medicine he brings to our family.  Last night, inspired by the Native American sweat lodge tradition, but in a local, contemporary dreaming of this practice, the five of us sweated our prayers under the eclipse full moon. Beautiful to build the fire together, to heat […]