The New Way: LOVE

I am increasingly witnessing a tussle in our culture between love and fear, in almost every arena of life.  Mainstream/patriarchal culture is fear- and control-based, and this Old Way is drawing us all towards ecocide – obviously not a sustainable way to live.

Another possibility is to live a New Way:
– trusting the process
– understanding life as cyclical: birth, growth, full bloom, harvest, decay, death, rebirth, growth, full bloom, etc…
– taking lessons from Nature
– facilitating organic processes
– constantly adapting, flowing with what is, not with what we wish for, or with what was…
– living in the present
– making meaning, making sacred, everything is sacred
– honouring beauty
– honouring body-wisdom
– gathering together, offering love and support
– collaboration
– creativity
– practising non-judgment
– clearly communicating
– seeing the webs of interconnection and relationship, we are all connected
– being in constant dialogue with the world around us, verbal and non-verbal, animate and non-animate, living in multi-dimensional space and time
– knowing life is magic!
– learning as both student and teacher
– creating safe containers in which we can self-heal
– healing ourselves in order to become Way-Showers
– cultivating self-awareness, because awareness is curative
– acting as Earth-keepers, birth-keepers
– honouring our spiritual reality
– attending to our intuition and gut-feel
– creating win-win outcomes
– living Turquoise/Teal in the Spiral Dynamics map
– knowing the past, present and future are all available to us in the present moment
– did I mention TRUST?  Trust, trust, trust…

I grew up religious, and gradually shed a faith that had no room for the wisdom of my body.  But embodying these principles to the best of my ability seems to be leading me full circle to the love espoused by holy folk like Jesus – a loving Way that has been at the heart of things long before any words were written down about it, let alone words that were then twisted to serve the Old Way.

My deepest prayer is that this New Way of Love transforms our culture of fear, that all our defences may be laid to rest, and we can know each other as Beloved and Sacred…