Episode #001: New Moon in Pisces

♡  N E W  M O O N  A T  1 5 °  P I S C E S  ♡

Wednesday 6th March, 10.03am (CST)
Wednesday 6th March, 4.03pm (GMT)
Thursday 7th March, 3.03am (AEDT)


If you’d prefer to listen to today’s cosmic rant, you can catch it here (and I’d love to hear your feedback!):



I exist in an ocean of possibility.

My New Moon seeds flow within the depths.


The Sun and Moon are convening in Pisces today.  This expansive water sign invites us to dissolve all barriers and feel the interconnection between all things.  We are not separate from the dreams for which we long.  They exist in the field around us, waiting for the right ‘fertile’ moment to take form in this dimension.

Like gametes, the reproductive cells of underwater plants, floating through the water awaiting a fertile encounter, our New Moon seeds float through the vast expanse of our subconscious, feeling self and that which is beyond us, awaiting form and expression.

How was this watery, emotional energy unfolding one year ago with
the New Moon in Pisces in mid-March 2018?

How was this flexible, intuitive energy illuminating life six month ago with
the Full Moon in Pisces towards the end of August 2018?

Write down your ‘Pisces New Moon’ seeds today, or over the coming days…

What is your ‘Visionary Dreamer’ self singing up within you?


‘Visionary Dreamer’ Priestess

Our Way-Shower, who embodies this ‘Pisces Sun + Pisces New Moon’ energy that we are journeying with today, is Dr. Barbara Brennan (born 19.3.1939).

Dr Barbara Brennan is a world-renowned spiritual leader, healer, educator and author, a pioneer and innovator in the field of energy consciousness.  She founded the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in 1982.  The former NASA physicist has been researching and exploring the Human Energy Field and realms of human consciousness for more than 35 years, bringing together insights from the fields of philosophy, theology, physics and healing.

Quotes from Dr Brennan:
“Through experiments over the past few decades physicists have discovered matter to be completely mutable into other particles or energy and vice-versa and on a subatomic level, matter does not exist with certainty in definite places, but rather shows ‘tendencies’ to exist. Quantum physics is beginning to realise that the Universe appears to be a dynamic web of interconnected and inseparable energy patterns. If the universe is indeed composed of such a web, there is logically no such thing as a part. This implies we are not separated parts of a whole but rather we are the Whole.”

“Any illness is a direct message to you that tells you how you have not been loving who you are, cherishing yourself in order to be who you are. This is the basis of all healing.”

Dr Brennan reminds us that the truths of the far reaches of the cosmos can inform our deepest inner explorations, for they are part of the same conversation.  Whether looking to distant galaxies or to the invisible field around us, we operate within a huge expanse of (Piscean) possibility.
Source 1, Source 2 and Source 3


Mercury Retrograde

Mercury began its first retrograde period for 2019 yesterday, at 29° Pisces.  You can’t get much more karmic and mysterious than 29° – it’s a degree with a big unknown backstory of past experience calling for some final resolution before moving on to the fresh start of 0° in the following sign…

Let alone 29° in Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac, representing the ultimate dissolution and rebirth!

So let’s see if we can make room over the next three weeks (or five, if you count the shadow period afterwards) for not-knowing, for waiting, for feeling all our feelings, and trusting the process, as we and those around us are reviewing and undoing significant ancestral and past-life patterns of communication that no longer serve.

There are two more Mercury retrograde periods in 2019, involving the other two water signs, Cancer and Scorpio (and a wee bit of fiery Leo!), so our emotional communication processes and practices are up for review this year!

And because today is a New Moon, perhaps our seeds/prayers/intentions for this lunar cycle will be infused with this intention for:

▽ deeper ways of listening to ourselves, and to others

▽ speaking our emotional truth with potency and clarity

▽ reclaiming our intuition and valuing all the ways in which our body/soul/world communicates with us

▽ accepting our current situation and finding our gratitude

▽ and collaborating in heart-full, self-response-able ways to birth a new Dream.

Today, we give great thanks for this ‘Mercury in Pisces’ medicine…

The last time Mercury retrograded in Pisces was in February 2014.
You can perhaps think back to that time, using journals/social media accounts/photos, etc,
to remember what ‘lessons’ were arising. 

“During the last retrograde in Pisces in February of 2014, (President) Yanukovych was overthrown in Ukraine, followed by the Russian annexation of Crimea and the War in Donbass. During the shadow phase that followed the retrograde, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared, leading to one of the greatest aviation mysteries of all time.”   Source

Make notes over the coming three weeks of what ‘messages’ you are receiving
and how you might implement them in your life over the coming months…

If you know which house Pisces affects in your natal chart,
keep a lookout for invitations to review and renew your ways of communicating
in regards to the concerns of that house.


Sun + Moon + Neptune

The Piscean Ocean Dreaming energy is amplified today with the Sun and Moon being in intimate proximity to Neptune, Pisces’ modern-day ruler (at 16° Pisces).  Our New Moon seeds, our floating gametes, are energised with pure lifeforce, compassion and creativity; a bright shining light rests on our deepest desires for unity, connection and peace.

From Astrology King: This “Sun conjunct Neptune transit increases your sensitivity, intuition and empathy. Being more affected by the thoughts and feelings of others and the environment, this can be a positive or negative experience. The result depends on the people and conditions you find yourself in. It would be better to be alone than share the company of negative types who would drain your energy and leave you feeling depressed, scared or ill…

Setting boundaries will allow you to enjoy a sense of togetherness with loved ones. You may benefit from joining or learning more about environmental, charity, social or community work and groups. Spiritual or occult subjects like astrology may be better understood under this high awareness transit.”   Source


Uranus in Taurus

Last but not least, Uranus the Revolutionary enters the earth sign of Taurus today, and will be travelling through this sign for the next seven years.  Uranus is always agitating for change and awakening, but the fact that he’s landing in Taurus to do his change-maker thing means we are in for structural shakeups and practical innovations in areas such as financial systems, food production, energy consumption and sustainability, property and material possessions as well as (shocking?) destabilsation of the values that underpin society.

Uranus seeks to undermine all the old physical and social structures of Taurus that no longer serve.  And while all that might be terribly uncomfortable at times, we know and trust that these changes will bring new and much-needed vitality and innovation to areas of our lives and our culture where we are stubborn and stuck on a dead-end path.


Uranian history

Uranus was last in Taurus (apart from some months last year) in 1934 to 1942, in the aftermath of the Great Depression, and a time when political extremism, including Fascism and Nazism, was on the rise.  Adolf Hitler redefined public values within Germany, co-opting a whole nation’s resources into what became World War II, which broke out in 1939.  Japan invaded China in 1937.

“Despite the difficulties of those years, they brought an important time of government experimentation to resolve economic crises and a commitment to building infrastructure and industry to meet global needs for overcoming international conflict, freeing those oppressed and displaced by war, and envisioning a more just society and economy.”

Alcatraz prison and the Hoover Dam were completed – both structures to manage resources within the US.  King Edward VIII abdicated in 1936 to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson, in a shattering of royal tradition and values.

Uranus was in Taurus from 1850 to 1859, during which the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe was published, which inspired the anti-slavery movement in the US and is cited as one of the causes of the Civil War.  The Republican Party was founded in 1854, to oppose the spread of slavery into the western territories.  Multiple US states formed, as well as various rebellions and massacres within this period of upheaval.

The Indian Mutiny occurred in 1857, which resulted in a system of direct rule of India by the British government.

Uranus was also in Taurus from 1767 to 1775, when England was attempting to tax and regulate the wealth of its colonies in America (then known as ‘New England.’).  These laws were called the Townsend Acts.  In 1770 these were in part repealed, except for a duty on tea which was fiercely protested in the colonies, leading to the infamous ‘Boston Tea Party’ in 1773.  More boycotts limiting trade were issued by Britain under the ‘New England Restraining Act’ in 1775.

Likewise, in 1683 to 1691 the Ottoman empire laid siege to Vienna.  Wild boars were hunted to extinction in Britain.  King James ruled England and Scotland from 1685 to 1688, succeeding his brother Charles, and issuing the Declaration of Indulgence, the first step towards establishing freedom of religion in the British Isles.

The English colony of New York was divided into twelve counties.  The French established a colony at the mouth of the Mississippi River and King Louis XIV passed the Code Noir allowing the full use of slaves in French colonies, while at a similar time, the earliest known antislavery tract was released by Quakers at Germantown, Pennsylvania.

And in 1515 to 1524, European countries fought amongst themselves for territory, wealth and status, while looking to explore and claim new territory in the New World.  Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan reached the Pacific Ocean via what became known as the Straits of Magellan at the tip of South America, and travelled further to the Philippines.  Spanish Conquistador Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar founded Havana, Cuba, and Hernán Cortés and his companions landed in Mexico, ominous times for the indigenous peoples of Central America.

The first ghetto in the world, the Venetian Ghetto, was instituted, where Jews were compelled to live within a certain area of the city, and Martin Luther, seminal figure in the Protestant Reformation, was declared an outlaw.

And in a most bizarre example of Uranus the Shatterer in Taurus, sign of sensual embodiment, ‘dancing mania’ broke out in mainland Europe, involving “groups of people dancing erratically, sometimes thousands at a time… until they collapsed from exhaustion.”   Source



Uranus in Taurus now

From this briefest of histories, we can identify multiple threads of conflict and upheaval concerning human bodies, land, societal structures and other ‘earthy Taurean’ resources, particularly within the ‘new’ land of America.  Values regarding religion and society, which impacted day-to-day life were altered irrevocably.

We can speculate, therefore, that as Uranus once again finds his way into Taurus, that the status-quo, in regards to economics, land, environmental resources and consumption, and the societal values, and power structures that govern and influence these arenas, will shatter and reform over the next seven years.

May these changes be part of a more egalitarian future where all bodies – those of women and minority groups as well as the Earth Herself, are valued and respected.

Here’s two examples of ‘Uranus in Taurus’ energy from the most recent World Economic Forum that took place in Davos, Switzerland in January 2019.:

Winnie Byanyima, Ugandan aeronautical engineer, politician and diplomat who is executive director of Oxfam, and Rutger Bregman, a Dutch historian and author of Utopia for Realists, going viral after speaking out about tax avoidance by billionaires.  These activists, and others, are part of “the growing challenge to a kind of bullshit narrative around wealth and poverty, access and power; it’s completely wrong and fraudulent, and it’s now crashing down.”
Read more here.

And 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunburg, speaking out at the forum about climate change and finite nature of our fundamental planetary resources, likens Earth to a house on fire.

She says: “I don’t want your hope. I want you to panic…and act.”

Hear Greta and her powerful message here and here.


Uranus in Taurus generation

Obviously, kids being born right now have Uranus in Taurus on their birth charts, and will be journeying with this energy all their lives.

But also, those of us born during the following years/times, with Uranus in any of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) will also be feeling this Uranus transit and the call to
C H A N G E . . .

Mary Oliver is the mouthpiece for Uranus at each of these point:
“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Waxing Square
Uranus in Aquarius: 1995-2003
April 2, 1995 to June 8, 1995
January 13, 1996 to March 10, 2003
September 15, 2003 to December 30, 2003

Early 20s, just out of school/uni, stepping out of some of the familial/social/cultural influences that have shaped us to date.

Uranus Opposition
Uranus in Scorpio: 1974-1981
November 22, 1974 to May 1, 1975
September 9, 1975 to February 17, 1981
March 21, 1981 to November 16, 1981

Age 38-42, perhaps stepping out of the intensity parenting of young children, or stepping into it!  We are no longer young at this point.  Death is closer than it used to be.  This time is what our culture calls the ‘midlife crisis’ and what I like to call the ‘midlife opportunity.’

Waning square
Uranus in Leo: 1955-1962
August 25, 1955 to January 27, 1956
June 10, 1956 to November 1, 1961
January 11, 1962 to August 9, 1962

Around age 63, another call for change, to live the aspects of ourselves that we have yet to express.

Uranus Return
Uranus in Taurus: 1934-1942

June 7, 1934 to October 9, 1934
March 28, 1935 to August 7, 1941
October 5, 1941 to May 15, 1942

At around 84 years old, Uranus completes a full cycle and returns to his original position at the time of your birth.

Here’s an example of a playful, bad-ass Uranus Return from a couple of years ago, by Baddie Winkle!  No holds barred, nothing to lose, saying yes to joy!

So, for those of us with Uranus in these fixed signs, let’s be listening for the call to change things up, to get out of the rut, and dream bigger.

Why hold back?  We have nothing to lose – our fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.

Which brings us full circle back to our Lunar Affirmation for today!



I exist in an ocean of possibility.
My New Moon seeds flow within the depths.



Music on audio recording: Convergence, by Pictures of the Floating World