Receiving the In-Sights: Full Moon in Pisces

I wasn’t sure what this Full Moon in Pisces would mean for me, but as always, as I live it, the themes become clear. Here’s an attempt to use what is arising in my life to teach/share a little of what the sign of Pisces means for me (strongly tinged with the 12th house of […]

Loyal Soldier, It’s Time to Surrender: Full Moon in Scorpio

I had an experience in the last week or two where I realised I was carrying around a significant burden of hurt that had accumulated over the last few years in a particular relationship. I was stuck on it getting resolved in a particular way. I had already, last year, modified our practical relating to […]

Making Values-Based Adjustments: Full Moon in Libra

How was your Jupiter-Neptune cosmic surrender party this week?! I thought I might do some kind of ceremony or meditation on Tue 12 Apr, the day of this big astro event for 2022. Instead I found myself journeying with the cliché of a laptop that wouldn’t boot up, digesting the potential loss of all my […]

Raging in the Wilderness: Full Moon in Virgo

I do a lot of Lilith Readings, listening for how this archetype of the wild sovereign yin/feminine is being sung up in people’s lives. We muse on three ‘faces’ of her, as symbolised in one’s natal chart. The second face, the ‘Exiled Lilith,’ speaks in part to our survival strats and coping mechanisms, in the […]

Becoming Self-Centred: Full Moon in Leo

Last week the provincial government here announced it will do away with vax passports as of 1 March, after bringing them in the day I returned from Wilderness Solo in early September 2021. (Getting rid of masks as well, on 15 Mar.) I can feel my brain reframing my whole experience, now that there’s an end date, […]

2022 Astro Overview

January is often a month where we’re planning and mapping our year, although if you’re like me, it seems like there was barely any demarcation between 2021 and 2022, they seemed to roll right into each other! I certainly haven’t finished integrating, dreaming, visioning and planning and now I’m having to do all that stuff […]

Forecast Your Year 2022

Happy New Year! 🎉🎉🎉 To celebrate, I wanted to share something I’ve created, a free guide to help you Forecast Your Year 2022! 🔮 Essentially, it’s 20 pages guide of divinatory play, an invitation to muse intuitively and laterally on the mythic and symbolic! I suggest a few tarot spreads, explore the numerology of 2022, […]

Wilderness Solo Hopes: Full Moon in Aquarius (again!)

Welcome to this Full Moon in Aquarius, where the realm of nature (the luminaries, in this case!) mirror the call to See, to Witness, to Receive In-Sight. The Full Moon is at 29° Aquarius, exact on: Sun 22 Aug, 7.01am (CDT) Sun 22 Aug, 1.01pm (BST) Sun 22 Aug, 10.01pm (AEST) A light is shining […]

New Moon in Aries: Sustainable Activism

This last week I’ve taken a different tack with my running: pacing myself according to my heart rate. (In full disclosure, I’ve hardly run at all through Winter, opting for walks instead, so I’m picking up the pieces here this Spring!) The idea is pretty simple: keep your heart rate within a particular band of […]

Full Moon in Libra: Steps to Sovereignty

Big welcome to this Full Moon moment – may you feel easefully open to illumination and clarification of your current experience… The Full Moon is at 8° Libra, exact on: Sun 28 Mar, 1.48pm (CDT) Sun 28 Mar, 7.48pm (BST) Mon 29 Mar, 5.48am (AEDT) (The Weighing of the Heart, from the Egyptian Book of […]

New Moon in Pisces: Sustaining our Vision

Sending a belated welcome to this brand new lunar cycle that arrived over the weekend! The New Moon was at 23° Pisces, exact on: Sat 13 Mar, 4.21am (CST) Sat 13 Mar, 10.21am (GMT) Sat 13 Mar, 9.21pm (AEDT) True to Pisces form, I felt wordless, and my weekend was filled with spaces of being […]

Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction

You made it through the restructuring of the last three years. Whether by choice, or as a result of other people’s choices, or natural forces demanding change, your life is different now. You had to give up a lot. Pat yourself on the back for how you showed up, stayed present to this huge transformation. […]

Saturn Direct

In a significant moment for those who keep an eye on cosmic shifts, Saturn stationed direct yesterday. From our perspective here on Earth, Saturn has resumed forward motion and is set to complete his time in the constellation of Capricorn around the upcoming Solstice in December. Let’s break down the symbology a little… Saturn represents […]


Let’s pause and count all the ways, great and small, in which we are showing up for this work called Life. Let’s pause and honour all the ways we are putting ourselves out there in new configurations, giving the best of what we’ve got, this cycle. Let’s pause and give credit for all the times […]

Full Moon in Pisces: Living the Dream

The Full Moon in Pisces is exact on: Friday 13th September, 11.32pm (CDT) Saturday 14th September, 5.32am (BST) Saturday 14th September, 2.32pm (AEST) Almost two weeks ago, we started a brand new lunar cycle, under earthy Virgo energy, with its strong call to ‘priestess our lives,’ to tweak our systems and process, our inner workings, […]

Full Moon in Aquarius: Marriage of Opposites

Welcome to soulful illumination with the Full Moon in Aquarius, which was exact on: Thursday 15th August, 7.29am (CDT) Thursday 15th August, 1.29pm (BST) Thursday 15th August, 10.29pm (AEST) ☀️ How can you be more outrageously, exceedingly YOU, regardless of what anyone else thinks?! ☀️⠀   Full Moon in Aquarius: Dancing with Leo Almost two weeks ago, […]

New Moon in Leo: Fires of Transformation

Welcome to the New Moon in Leo, which was exact on: Wednesday 31st July, 10.11pm (CDT) Thursday 1st August, 4.11am (BST) Thursday 1st August, 1.11pm (AEST) To me it felt like a burst of fresh energy, after the intensity of the two eclipses and some grinding Cancer-Capricorn transformation! In fact, it hardly even felt like […]

Full Moon in Capricorn: Purposeful Structures

full moon in capricorn morning routine

Welcome to the Full Moon in Capricorn, which is exact on: Tuesday 16th July, 4.38pm (CDT) Tuesday 16th July, 10.38pm (BST) Wednesday 17th July, 7.38am (AEST) I wrote about all this last time – remember this Full Moon is in Capricorn, so our goals, ambitions, disciplines and the practical shape of our life is under […]

Cancer-Capricorn Eclipses & the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction of Jan 2020

As you may already know, we are in eclipse season once again, with this recent New Moon in Cancer on 2nd/3rd July, and the Full Moon in Capricorn coming up on the 16th/17th July. In an eclipse, the regular light of Sun or Moon is obscured, and therefore, in the mythopoetic language of the stars, […]

Episode #003: Pisces Sun + Aries New Moon

♡  N E W  M O O N  I N  A R I E S  ♡ Friday 8th March, 7am (CST) Friday 8th March,, 1pm (GMT) Saturday 9th March, 12am (AEDT)   If you’d prefer to listen to today’s astro insight, you can catch it here (and I’d love to hear your feedback!): I create […]

Episode #002: Pisces Sun + Pisces New Moon

♡  N E W  M O O N  I N  P I S C E S  /  A R I E S  ♡ Thursday 7th March, 7am (CST) Thursday 7th March, 1pm (GMT) Friday 8th March, 12am (AEDT)   If you’d prefer to listen to today’s astro insight, you can catch it here (and I’d […]