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Chiron in Aries

The planetoid Chiron shifted into the fire sign of Aries yesterday (Feb 18).

Chiron represents our ‘sacred wound’ – “the subconscious belief or pattern of assuming that we are permanently damaged, wounded, broken and unfixable in specific ways necessary to our fulfilment.”[1]

Chiron stand for that sacred alchemy whereby our deepest pain is our deepest gift.

Where, in wrestling with our particular pain over the course of half a lifetime, we are honed into embodying a very particular gift for which the world is hungry

I have a friend (hi Mara!) who always reminds me that we aren’t wounded, we’re all whole and actually were never broken.  In that sense, Chiron represents our broken self-image, rather than a broken self, and points to the possibility of remembering and embodying that true and everlasting wholeness in each moment.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, representing the first breath of life, impetus, action and courage.

So Chiron in Aries is waking us up, asking us to come up with some brand new thoughts and beliefs that reflect back to us our inherent wholeness.

As we welcome home our feelings of weakness, we sing up our strength.
As we welcome home our feelings of confinement, we sing up our freedom.
As we welcome home our feelings of fear, we sing up our courage.
As we welcome home our feelings of stuckness, we sing up our aliveness.

Our broken heart is an invitation into Fullness of Life.  We have full range of (e)motion available to us.


Chiron was last in Aries from April 1968 to May 1976, so for anyone born during this time, you’ll probably feel this transit strongly (in whatever way!) because Chiron is returning to the same part of the zodiac (Aries) as he was when you were born.

Our Chiron Return at age 49-50 is a significant astrological rite-of-passage that symbolises a spiritual awakening that comes in the form of integrating our bodily experience with our spiritual consciousness.

We hear a powerful call to include/integrate and transcend the stories of pain and vulnerability that have shaped us and the corresponding defensive postures which continue to constrain our full potential.

Is your perceived ‘brokenness’ a bit more in your face?
What self-limiting beliefs are holding you back?
How has your lifelong wrestle with who you are
shaped some of the incredible gifts you now how to offer to the world?



Anyone born in April 1968 to October 1968 or January to June 1969 will be going through their Chiron Return this year.

It’s a potent time for a reading – I’d love to sit with you to hear your story and celebrate your journey thus far!

During a reading we pull out key dates from your Chiron journey (throughout your life to date), enquiring into repeated themes and stories at these times in your life, listening for what soul evolution is being sung up within you right now, and doing our best to discover and anchor the original vision for love and connection which you brought with you when you were born.



[1] Adam Gainsburg. Chiron: The Wisdom of a Deeply Open Heart.  Soulsign Publishing, 2006, p. 14.