Full Moon in Aries 2020

It was a New Moon in Virgo two weeks ago, inviting us to priestess our lives, to tend to our bodies, to course-correct towards wholeness, even and especially in TINY ways.

The law of compound interest applies as much to our health and joy as to finances…

And now we dance with this Full Moon in Aries… We are Free.


The Full Moon is at 9° Aries, exact at:
Thu 1 Oct 4.05pm (CDT)
Thu 1 Oct 10.05pm (BST)
Fri 2 Oct, 7.05am (AEST)

In traditional astrology, there’s not a clear line of communication between Aries and Virgo. (See Pink’s quote.)

So, we are called to act on faith (Aries trailblazing), trusting that our unsung courage, humble choices and small adjustments will make a difference (Virgo priestessing).

Not easy…

This Full Moon in Aries reminds and empowers us:
We are free, and we are freeing ourselves from the habits and patterns that keep us from living our radiant fullness…


Journal prompts:

→ Where are you blazing a trail into new terrain? Or burning out?

→ What is being illuminated, this Full Moon?



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