The 4SJ is a year-long offering created by Jane Hardwicke Collings and offered through the School of Shamanic Womancraft.

“The 4SJ is a year-long educational program, open to women of all ages and circumstance. It offers students an in-depth opportunity to learn the philosophy and practice of Shamanic Womancraft, whilst cultivating a deep personal and spiritual connection with the Earth and the Divine Feminine.

“Focused on the shamanic perspective of cycles – of the Earth, Life, Moon and the menstrual cycle of Woman – the 4SJ prepares its students to become Shamanic Craftswomen – teachers and practitioners of the women’s mysteries, for their community and beyond, in the worthy mission of healing the wounded feminine, healing birth and healing the Earth.”

I am very privileged to be working with Nymh Fox Harper to offer the Four Seasons Journey (4SJ) to Victoria (Otways region) for the second time, starting in March 2018.

For this Vic 4SJ circle, some participants will be returning to this very particular medicine as apprentices, having done the 4SJ before, while others will be new to it.  But we have all been travelling this winding way towards the wild, healed feminine already, in our own unique ways, following the insistent voice of our soul…  We are all teachers and all students, and the healing within this magical sisterhood is not to be underestimated…    

Grace and Nymh are both women gifted with profound insight and wisdom, I trust them because of their deep respect for the feminine and each person’s process. They are women of integrity, they walk their talk, I am blessed to know them.
~ Marie-Louise

Birthing my drum, weaving in my birth story...
Birthing my drum, weaving in my birth story…


A spiritual holding in Sacred Space with Nymh and Grace will be a holding in Love, Integrity and Truth. These women are messengers of Goddess personified. Earth keepers /Drumkeepers, Priestesses of the highest order.
~ JaneOwl


Wilderness solo adventures!



One of the things I loved about the Four Seasons Journey was that I could do it with my 2 years old son alongside me. It made my learning fully integrated into my family life and together we changed and transformed.  I am forever grateful for the knowledge, wisdom, tears, laughters, connections shared with each other and the sisterhood that continues to nourish me.
~ Emilie



The Four Seasons Journey includes:
> 6 gatherings spread thoughout the year
> 5 coursework modules (homestudy reading and preparation)
> two Moonsong workshops (with Jane Hardwicke Collings)
> two Connecting with the Shamanic Dimensions of Pregnancy workshops  (with Jane Hardwicke Collings)
> making a medicine drum, and gaining experience working with this shamanic tool
> learning the basic ‘ingredients’ of ceremony and ritual
> accessing guides, teachers and power animals
> immersing in the wisdom of the cyclical nature of life
> understanding the herstory of women, midwifery, shamanism and various traditional cultures
> rituals for embodied self-understanding
> exploring archetypes as pathways into deeper self-knowledge
> Wilderness solo (3 days and 3 nights), fully supported solitude in the embrace of the Great Mother
> tools to navigate whatever arises emotionally and psychologically, in life in general, and at key times such as pregnancy, birth, menopause, etc.
> unfailing, way-showing sisterhood
> and much more!

The Four Seasons Journey has been a powerful process of transformation for me personally.  I’ve had a go articulating some of what I’ve received in these six posts:

Gift 1: Jane as Teacher
Gift 2: Circle as Shaman
Gift 3: Drum & Journeying
Gift 4: HIgh Play & Ritual
Gift 5: Wilderness Solo
Gift 6: Nymh as Teacher

If any of this resonates, please contact Sequoia at the 
The School of Shamanic Womancraft

I have such deep respect and awe for these two women. they are way showers, Priestesses of the divine. Embarking on a 4SJ with them as your guides will enrich your own journey.

Nymh embodies the earthed divine feminine. She is one who knows, a truly wild woman who walks on and with this land. She speaks from the deep dark rooted in this earth and soaring with spirit.

Grace is a master weaver and pattern maker. Her insights and visions are wild and true. She is able to ask the beautiful and difficult questions, fearless in her quest for truth. Gentle and strong, vulnerable and true.

Each of us have  our own medicine, each of us will be called to share it with the world. A these women are potent and powerful guides. The call is deep and you will feel it stirring in you.
~ Sarah

Cutting the hides
Cutting the hides

All participants become part of the wider School of Shamanic Womancraft (SSW) community, also known as the Glad (the collective noun for mermaids, deep-diving creatures that we are!)  This sisterhood continues – lifelong access to this wealth of connection and wisdom!

Cauldrons of eco-printed delight!





For more information and bookings,
please contact:
The School of Shamanic Womancraft

I cannot think of two more perfect women to support and guide those interested Shamanic Womancraft N4SJ17 journey.   Throughout my 4SJ journey I felt accepted and loved by both of these women at all times.   Actually they uplifted me in a timely unspoken manner, made me feel safe and counted more than I’d ever experienced in my past with other women.   I witnessed both have an amazing sensitivity to the feminine, nature and spirit, which reassured me throughout the year.   I was always moved by both Bec and Nymh’s raw open transparent and honest ways as well as their wonderful creativity.
~ Jenn-Ishtar

Nymh & Grace hold and support women in circle in such a gentle and strong way.  They provide a space to be held, heard & healed.  Both are so in touch with the subtleties of nature, spirit, and the divine feminine, and share their wisdom open-heartedly.  To have the opportunity to study the Four Seasons Journey with them is a gift.  You will delve deep into yourself, spirit, nature & be forever part of an amazing community of supportive women.
~ Melissa