Four Seasons Journey: Gift 4

{Inspired by Women’s Health Week I wanted to share some of the gifts I’ve received from participating in the Four Seasons Journey – one of the best things I’ve ever done in terms of my health and power as a woman!}

In stillness we listen to the story, whispered and woven, of the first descent.  The Underworld calls, and we have listened.  We process in darkness, crossing cosmic thresholds, leaving aspects of self behind.  We enter the Void, place of Deep Mystery – who are we here?  What is the wisdom of this place?

And we return, retracing our steps, reclaiming ourselves.  In all this, not alone.

This is high play and earnest ceremony, both.  With our bodies we enact that which we know to be important.  We enact spiritual truth in the physical world, in a potent conversation with visible and invisible realms.  We are play-acting in the realest sense, using imagination and senses to imbue the world with awe and wonder.  To find our place.  To feel the ineffable.

We call the directions – North, South, East, West, Above, Below and Centre.  We create altars to the elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water – out of whatever is around us: flowers, bark, leaves, ash.  Ancient practices for knowing our place, physical and spiritual, one and the same.

All this deep focus, paying attention to inner and outer in a shamanic conversation with the world, priestessing ourselves moment to moment…

…and in the spaces, much play and laughter!  Sacred levity to balance our sacred focus.  These wild cackles, this laughing til we cry, this playfulness, as nourishing and necessary as all the rest.

Gift 1
Gift 2
Gift 3

The Four Seasons Journey commences:
in November 2016 in Mullumbimby, NSW, with Jane Hardwicke Collings;
in December 2016 in the Otways, VIC, with Nymh Fox Harper;
in February 2017 in Shropshire, UK, with JHC;
and part-time in March 2017 with Talulah Gough.

I will be in service to the full-time 4SJs in Australia, so blessed! If you want to learn more, head to or my offerings page.