Four Seasons Journey: Gift 6

{Inspired by Women’s Health Week I wanted to share some of the gifts I’ve received from participating in the Four Seasons Journey – one of the best things I’ve ever done in terms of my health and power as a woman!}

nymhI remember another hug from Nymh @waysofthewild, the first one, when I turned up to my first gathering and started setting up my tent.  Her stride towards me was so direct, I was almost scared!  Actually I was scared!

But I needn’t have been, for I was gripped in a fierce unequivocal lion-hearted WELCOME that has never since shifted.

In her own Fiery Way, Nymh embodied the belonging of the 4SJ sisterhood before I even registered that I was a part of it!  (And not an elitist sisterhood at all, just an unstoppable by-product of travelling so deeply, honestly and lovingly together…  May we all increasingly feel safe enough to meet each other with such warmth and safety!)

Nymh is Ecologist Mama Fire Priestess, weaving all these strands, and more, in every moment.  She lives a life-long embodied connection to, and faith in, the ways and rhythms of the Earth, with all its intricate balance and symbiosis.  This is Poiesis, being soul-crafted by Nature one’s whole life…

And she uses that beautiful word, poiesis, in everyday conversation, stirring hearts with her potent Word magic!

Nymh knows her bone-deep Medicine, voices it with powerful Word, lives it with defining Action and Care – in her mothering, her hearth-keeping, her work, her relationships, her self-care, her touch, her song.  This is fierce, hearty living, and we are invited to draw close, as if around a crackling hearth-fire, to warm ourselves, to receive sustenance and taste new possibilities of living.

Blessed are we to know her as Teacher of the Old, Wild Ways, and to witness the beautiful unfolding of her essence infusing the 4SJ in Victoria in 2017!

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The Four Seasons Journey commences:
in November 2016 in Mullumbimby, NSW, with Jane Hardwicke Collings;
in December 2016 in the Otways, VIC, with Nymh Fox Harper;
in February 2017 in Shropshire, UK, with JHC;
and part-time in March 2017 with Talulah Gough.

I will be in service to the full-time 4SJs in Australia, so blessed! If you want to learn more, head to or my offerings page.