Hike Magic

Beautiful hike on the weekend, at #huntlaketrailThe world is a beautiful place!  This summer, I’ve been committed to soaking some of it up…

Listening to the rocks, marvelling at the moss and roots, cooling my feet in the water at the midway point after my kids set a rocking pace (we completed this ‘6hr hike’ in 3.5hrs)!

Admiring the little frog, and all the clear water… feeling privileged and blessed…

I was also proud to navigate a Dark Moon weekend in the full intensity of family/camping.

Things that helped were:
→ both my husband and I being conscious of this fact
→ giving him as much space as I could to do the fun things he wanted to do (lots of physical activity with other people!)
→ sleeping in separate tents
→ small pleasures like coffee

I’ve been trying to get better at recovery this year.  Work hard, play hard.  COVID was a teacher about just getting the f out of the house on the weekends, regardless of the weather.  I reckon I’ve done that more this year than ever…

This weekend, my man and I head off on our first overnight hike (on the #mantario ), only, oh, ten years after we bought a little hiking tent in Tasmania! #slowburn

Some visions take a while to get off the ground, eh… and that’s totally fine…

Sending Dark Moon love!
xxx Grace