Cancer Lunar Circle

A second dose of self-care
& sisterly support

→ starting JUL 20

You're invited...

journey with a small group of soulful women over the course of one month, exploring your embodied experience in the context of the lunar cycle!

Photo by Eye for Ebony

New Moon in Cancer

It’s a New Moon in Cancer on Tuesday 21st July, 2020, at 3.32am (AEST).  

Join this Lunar Circle to:

→ Stay groundedsoft and open amidst so much personal and societal change

→ Hone in on what truly nourishes you, and where your fears might be holding you back

→ Bring mindfulness to your experience and check in with your intentions at four key moments throughout the cycle

Give and receive loving witness, with other kindred hearts

Circles for a month

You’ll receive:

❀ Intimate group connection (capped at 9)

❀ Four weekly group Zoom calls (1hr 15 mins long)

❀ Companioning and support, via email and energetically


11am Mon (AEST) / 8pm Sun (CDT)


Check your timezone here

NM: Mon 20 Jul, 11am (AEST)
FQ: Mon 27 Jul, 11am (AEST)
FM: Mon 3 Aug, 11am (AEST)
LQ: Mon 10 Aug, 11am (AEST)

Pay what feels right!

This circle is for you if . . .

→ you want to explore what truly nourishes you, what helps you feel safe, what you need, and where you are called to care more deeply

→ your relationship with your parent(s) is ‘bubbling,’ calling you to show up in new ways

food and nourishment is complicated emotional terrain

→ your default setting is to give to others more than you give to yourself

→ you want to continue the process of naming and releasing the old stories and family patterns that you are being invited to shed, in order to live out a new mindset and therefore a new reality

→ you want to punctuate your month with moments of mindfulness, where you deliberately reflect on your New Moon intention and how it’s shaping up (or not!)

→ you have a Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Ascendant Ruler in Cancer and you want to be listening to the soulful opportunities of this cycle more consciously than usual (these are not pre-requisites, though!)

→ you’d enjoy the company of a small group of soulful women sharing their stories, and loving receiving yours…

“I've never been a part of a women's circle before but I am thoroughly enjoying this. I look forward to hearing what everyone has experienced through the week and feel grateful to share my little bit. I'm amazed at how nourishing the hour is... like super amazed actually!”

Art from the cover of
Sacred Birthing by Sunni Karll

“The universe is prodigal in its support.  We are miserly in what we accept. 
— Julia Cameron


Astrology is a mytho-poetic language for understanding the human experience.  It’s like a natural liturgical calendar, asking us to reflect on various aspects of our human experience. 

Call it coaching from the Cosmos!

The Moon cycles through the 12 zodiacal signs each year, and on 20/21 July we have ANOTHER New Moon in the watery sign of Cancer, second one in a row.  We must need a double-dose this year!

Cancer represents our empathy and sensitivity, our human need for emotional warmth and security, and our delight in nurturing others and feeling loved and supported.

Over the course of four circles, we’ll explore and refer back to our ‘New Moon in Cancer’ intentions, which we set at the beginning of the lunar month.  We will listen for how this watery, initiating (cardinal) energy is expressed in our lived experience.

Think of a loving parent, deeply attuned to the needs of their child.  

Think of an empath or healer, using the power of their heart to restore wholeness.  

Think of an oasis in the middle of the desert, a place where you are nourished and can rest.  

This is Cancer.


The Moon is the luminary that ‘rules’ Cancer.

The Moon represents our emotional, conditioned Self, the part of us that was deeply imprinted from the moment of our conception, taught how to love through our experiences in the womb and throughout early childhood.

Neural pathways laid down before we could speak, based on clear feedback loops of love and safety, or lack thereof.

We aren’t limited by this ‘inheritance.’

The Moon represents our Nurturing Self, the part of us that knows how to carefor others, but also for ourselves.

What new expressions of love and support might be possible?

What happens?

We gather via Zoom, with video on, usually, cos the feedback of each other’s faces and bodies is really important.  

That said, you are welcome to listen while you go for a walk, or while you lie in bed!  You can make it work for you.

We ground and centre ourselves at the beginning, and hear a bit of a Cosmic Weather Report, ie. what’s the Moon up to, and what does that mean for us, etc.

Then we take it in turns to speak, usually about 5-7 mins or so. 

The questions we are reflecting on are sent out beforehand each week, for those who appreciate a bit of digestion time.

You can always pass, if it’s your turn to share, but it’s not feeling right.  We’ll come back to you at the end, and you’d still prefer not to speak, that’s fine, we appreciate your presence!

We check in regarding our New Moon intentions, each time.  A New Moon intention is pretty much what it sounds like: a prayer or desire that we’d like to embody or achieve this month, usually written down, so that we can refer back to it.

It’s amazing what a potent form of self- accountability this is, just lovingly witnessing our process.

We build some beautiful connection over the course of four weeks!  And then you are welcome to sign up again for the next month’s circle, or not…

Meet your guide

Hi, I’m Grace!

I’m a teacher, star-gazer and women’s circle facilitator living in Manitoba, Canada, and I’m obsessed with cycles and patterns and how they can help us create grounded, sustainable lives!

A huge part of my journey has involved sitting in circle with other women.  Many different women, many kinds of circle.

These containers of space and time were a ‘womb‘ in which for me to heal, grow and rebirth myself, multiple times over!

I believe deeply in the transformative power of solidarity.  We don’t need someone else to tell us the ‘answers’ or ‘fix’ our problems.  But we do need to know we’re not alone.

In these Circles of Belonging & Presence, we companion each other into deeper self-awareness, self-worth and authenticity!

"Grace, thanks, as always, for holding such a gentle, open-hearted space."

Circles for a month

You’ll receive:

❀ Intimate group connection (capped at 9)

❀ Four weekly group Zoom calls (1hr 15 mins long)

❀ Companioning and support, via email and energetically


11am Mon (AEST) / 8pm Sun (CDT)


Check your timezone here

"Our last circle became one of the most interesting learning experiences about myself that I've had in circle!!"


That’s okay, the point of committing is so we can create connection and intimacy, but it needs to fit in with your life as well!

So, feel free to book in for this circle, if you’re feeling the call, and just let me know which day you’ll be absent.  

I get it, astrology is like a language, and not everyone wants to speak French!  No astro knowledge is required for participation in this circle, and the emphasis will be on our lived experience, and the practical, visible journey of the Moon through her phases, rather than esoteric astro knowlege.

I’ll be posting a few more one-off circles soon, join my mailing list to stay in the loop!  Scroll down a wee bit further for the sign-up form…

This circle is by donation, so there are no refunds.  That said, no one has ever asked for one!

Yes, in some ways it is unnatural.  But, for all that we might not know each other, we share many experiences in common, and there’s a transpersonal power in hearing ourselves in the mirror of each other. 

We also make time to connect with ourselves, render the space sacred, and agree to confidentiality, as ways to make the circle feel safer.