Lilith Reading

In this Lilith Astrology Reading, we explore the archetype of Lilith – the ‘wild sovereign feminine‘ – in your natal chart and in your embodied experience.

We’ll explore three ‘faces’ of Her: the Wounded Lilith, the Exiled Lilith, and the Healed/Integrated Lilith via four different astrological points, and how each of these powerful expressions of this energy are weaving together within you.

Reframe experiences you had as a child and teen, celebrate survival skills and gifts you gathered along the way, and discover where Lilith is inviting you to ripple your healing vision out into the world right now!


Please note: Bookings open 120 days in advance, I offer a limited number of these sessions each week, and my availability is limited during the summer months here in Canada. 

If you can’t see any dates available here, please check back next week!

If you have any questions, please contact me.

"WOW this is so incredible what you’ve put together. Finally I get to understand my journey and the gifts of it. Thank you so so much"
"Clear distilled and accurate vision of my chart, especially my Lilith readings. Highly recommend Grace. I'm not an astrology type either really so her language was perfect for me."
Midwifery Consumer Advocate
"OMG Grace, I just read through your report and it is AMAZING. Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the care you have put into the report, and yes it makes a lot of sense."
"Thanks you so much. You have captured my story precisely as I have told you. You have woven it in beautifully with the Astrological and Archetypal aspects. It is a pleasure to read!"
"My conversation with Grace felt like such a warm, heartful embodied weaving together of my chart in a very loving kind way... So many epiphanies."
"My session with Grace was so clarifying in so many ways, especially why I had been struggling with this transitional time in my life."
"Thank YOU for all the work you did for me. It gave me quite a bit to think about and a lot of peace!!! More peace than I have felt in years. So thank you again."
Priestess of Transformation
"I came on thinking Grace was going to tell me how it was but instead she drew it out of me very skilfully."