Eco-printing Circles

Dark Moon greetings to you all!  Wanted to let you know about my latest offering alongside my friend Jacqui, artist and creatrix at Beautiful Wasteland!  We are bringing together Jacqui’s art therapy skill set and my shamanic midwifery skill set, to offer four days of potent self-reflection!  (more info below…)

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eco-printing as a self-reflexive art form
engaging collaboratively through art therapy processes
sitting in circle, witnessed by sisters in our meaning-making
creating in the context of the cycle of the year
all in service of knowing ourselves better
and living our gifts in the world

Dates for 2015
Sunday 26th July      Saturday 31st October
Sunday 23rd August      Sunday 29th November

10am-4pm, Upwey
$110 full / $95 conc. including materials
(bring a friend and each pay only $90!)

Jacqui Grace: 0428 768 489     Rebecca Funk: 0478 239 400


We’ll be eco-printing together, an art form where leaves and metal combine in the alchemy of heat to make imprints and silhouettes on paper or natural fibres.  In the absence of being able to control the end result, we are plunged into our process of creating, of birthing something new.  Our familiar patterns and stories arise, and we are paying attention as much to these as to the outcome of our creative act.

We become part of a conversation with ourselves – how it feels to be creative, how it feels to trust our process and that of other people, how we know what we know, how it feels to birth something, how it feels to be with what emerges from our bundles.  We come to know ourselves better.

Each circle includes eco-printing, creative collaboration and meaning-making through various art-therapy processes, and sitting in circle, with all the power of speaking our truth and being witnessed by sisters, hearing the common threads that are ever-present between us.

Each day stands alone.  You can come to one, a few, or all four days to dive more deeply into your own process.  Each time we will focus on a different aspect of the eco-printing process – collecting our materials, acting on our vision as we lay out the leaves, wrapping our bundles, and waiting in anticipation as our bundles transmute.

We’ll also map the eco-printing process to the broader cycles that holds us all, in particular the movement of the seasons, with all their particular wisdom and opportunities.

The purpose of these days is to immerse in our process, as individuals and as a group, rather than achieve any particular eco-printing outcomes.  This is not about making a scarf, or dyeing enough fabric for a skirt.

It is about using the lens of this particular creative act to see ourselves more clearly, to meet ourselves more deeply.  From here, hopefully we can come to know ourselves as whole, even in our brokenness, and to know that there is nothing holding us back from offering our best (biggest, wildest, joyfullest) selves to the world!

So, hope this offering resonates for some of you!!  If so, you can register here.

I’m really looking forward to being together as fellow travellers and co-creators of meaning and wholeness!  Makes me think of Alice falling down the rabbit hole – but with friends alongside!  What wild fun!  🙂

xxx Bec