Quote: A Simple Act of Faith

“There is something that endures beyond us, some spirit, some essence, some eternal thing that can never be created in a lab or observed through a microscope.  If we ever stop to think about it, every step we take in life is a colossal leap of faith that leaves the rational mind reeling: that we are here at all with a purpose to perform, that we will not cease to exist with the next breath in, that we are walking toward a conclusion of some sort, that the journey itself has meaning.  We hurtle through space at thousands of miles a second, human time machines, into a destiny we co-create with the cosmos itself.  Time and space and us.  Ultimately, it all amounts to the same thing: a simple act of faith.

“I know all this and I know that, our purpose fulfilled, we will leave this world and return to the pure essence of ourselves.  Such partings are the actions of warriors and should be a cause for celebration, a round of applause for a life lived fully, answers found, a truth discovered, a purpose served.  But sometimes they are not.”

~ From The Shamanic Way of the Bee by Simon Buxton

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