Imbolc Eco-printing

My second Imbolc eco-printing workshop – not holding space this time, but rather, immersing in the rich art-therapy offering of Jacqui Grace!

It was a delight to journey through the evening into the next day, and watch how my keyword play changed over time – a mirror of how I was changing in the space, sinking very deeply into my own process.
IMG_4749 ed

I am curious about the part of me that leaves when I feel rushed…
the part that can return when I slow down…

I am curious why I wrapped my bundles so tightly, with yards and yards of string?
What if I wrapped only once?  Or wrapped loosely?

IMG_4754 edIMG_4753
By the end, before me was a rich altar, dedicated to process!  My process!  The clay, the word poetry, the stains on paper, the spent leaves, as important and storied as the eco-printed pieces themselves…

And the subconscious feeling of rush of the previous day – evidenced in my first set of keywords – had fully dissipated into a tender self-appreciation for how I work and what I value, alongside new understandings and possibilities!

IMG_4779 ed