Leaving Circle

I farewelled some dearly beloved women yesterday.  Not forever and ever. But I left the women’s circle I have been a part of for almost six years.  Years of travelling with these women and witnessing their stories and feelings and bodies, and them witnessing mine.

I feel raw today, my heart so open.  An exquisite merging of joy and sadness, of leaving the known and stepping into the unknowing.  And I am beginning to wonder if grief is actually the experience of having a heart stretched wide, so wide we are overwhelmed by it, and call it pain.

I created a love letter, for these women so dear to me, as a way to say goodbye.  I played it while I sat looking at them all, feeling all that arose, all the tears, joy, and so much love.  It was such a gift to have said the words at an earlier time, so that in the moment, I could simply feel all that was there.  To be fully present to my heart so wide open, and the love flowing towards me from them.

I am posting my love letter, in music and words, here, because it is also a naming of my growth, and a declaration of my love flowing out into the world.

I have a waterfall in my heart, a waterfall of love, flowing out from me into the world.  A torrent of love that unfailing sweeps me along in this exquisite journey.  I am leaping, free-falliing, and I know myself truly held.  Truly safe.