Rebirthing Ceremony


I undertook a reclaiming, rebirthing ritual this morning, placing in the ground a rock from a beach of my childhood, some hair and blood, together symbolic of my placenta. I was born around 5km from here, by this river Dandiiri Maiwar (Brisbane River), on Turrbal and Jagera land. I honour these ancestors and guardians, Way-Showers.

I have no Fire today.
Last time my placenta was burned, along with others.
Today I come with Air, Earth and Water – sky, sand, river – rebalancing.

I call back any part of me that has been scattered, lost or fused to others. I call back a knowing of this Earth as Mother, myself as River-Daughter, and all the clarity of knowing my place.

I give great thanks to you, mangrove River-Tree, by whose roots I place these parts of me.
I give great thanks to you, River-Mother, you who held and nourished me on my wilderness solo.  Thankyou…

I give great thanks to Lu-i, for singing the Mother-River song last night, so that it came unbidden to my lips this morning.  🙂

I pour a libation, of water.  I am settled into the ground.

I give thanks for the Sun and Full Moon, both illuminating my way this morning.
I give thanks for the guidance that flows in, in the stillness.
I give great thanks for Minmia, from whom this invitation and ritual came…

I call in home: place, geography, land to belong to… and I know myself already deeply held.










And now, paying attention, in the aftermath of this powerful ceremony…

Somehow today, after repeated nudges from the Yoniverse, I have been able to articulate my astrology offering, put it up on this website, and email it out to some folk.  After months of self-doubt, it’s like a cloud is lifting, quiet yet significant integration happening in my inner world.

Also, the thread of my Aphrodite self is arising again, after such a deep dive with this in March, and more recently too.  I want to be beheld, yet this also feels unsafe.  I live and breath in a mindfuck of conflicting stories and powerful conditioning about my body, this female body.  I feel clearer that fundamentally, I need to behold myself, and I feel more able to do this now.  In grieving, yet again, these parts that feel fragmented, I have been invited to remember the wholeness of the Goddess, She-who-is, before she was sundered into roles of wife, mother, daughter, lover, priestess, queen.  Actually I am whole, and I am very very blessed.

Also, death calls… to be studied, learned, felt, made room for…

Each of these things is a Mystery to me, but the ‘not-knowing’ is a trustworthy place to be. I give thanks for clarity flowing in perfect time, and I know myself deeply blessed.


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