Lilith Reading + report (45 mins)


Explore the archetype of Lilith – the wild feminine – in your natal chart.
Looking at four different positions of Lilith, we co-create some insight as to how this energy plays out in your life and how you can live the healed version!
Includes your natal chart and digital recording of the conversation emailed to you.




Lilith is an expression of the Wild Feminine, the Dark Feminine.  This energy is known by other names also: Kali, Persephone, Black Madonna, Black Dakini, Bloedeuwedd, Inanna…
In this reading we will look at four positions of Lilith: 
  • asteroid Lilith
  • Dark Moon/Waldemath Lilith
  • and both the true and mean positions of Black Moon Lilith
These astronomical entities, sharing the name ‘Lilith,’ operate at “different celestial octaves.” (M. Kelley Hunter)
The asteroid Lilith points to a ‘site’ of initial wounding of our feminine selves.
The Dark Moon Lilith indicates where we find ourselves ‘exiled,’ as per the Lilith story, in response to our wounding.
And the two Black Moon Lilith positions point to the gifts we have received as part of this difficult journey, and the arenas of life in which we are called to embody them, in service to the world!
Along with a digital recording, it can be helpful to this astrological information in written form to facilitate your ongoing reflection, especially given some of what we touch on is to do with patterns that have played out over years, or future celestial events, sometimes years away.
Following our conversation, I’ll send you a written report which provides some general information about the energy of Lilith and anchors some of what we’ve ascertained together, of how this energy plays out in your life!


60-minute conversation via Skype.
Includes your written Lilith Report, natal chart and digital recording of our conversation emailed to you.


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