beautiful mountain

Year of the Mountain


If you’re like most womyn I know, you’re juggling a multitude of balls, caring for numerous people, projects and pets, generating income to support yourself and your loved ones…

… and maybe trying to express your creativity and practice some self-care in there as well!

Whew! That’s a lot!

Meanwhile, the amount of admin for your job, the cost of living, the relational demands, the after-school activities, and the emails in your inbox, have all increased, and it feels like you have to run even faster just to keep up.

In fact, let’s face it, you’re probably not keeping up, cos actually, who can?? Superwoman is a myth!

So I understand that the idea of adding in something else, like a journalling or self-reflection practice, could feel like it rightly belongs in the ‘too hard’ basket.

Our days are filled with *all the things* and our evenings are filled with our attempts to recover from *all the things* by watching TV and scrolling through our Instagram feed…

Pausing to reflect can feel just too tiring. Or actually impossible.


The Wrong Mountain

But here’s why that’s a false economy


What if all the juggling of all the balls, all the activity, all the rushing towards something hazy in the distance, is you Investing a ‘mountain’ of effort into something that at the end of the day, doesn’t actually matter to you?

I found this image by Scotti Lechuga, a female pro-bike-racer, who no doubt has an embodied knowledge of the effort required to make one’s way up a mountain.

I don’t know about you, but I just did six minutes of bike-riding at the gym and it almost killed me!

Can you imagine working your absolute arse off to get to the top, only to realise you’re not even in the race?

Well, you’re probably in a race – that’s been part of the rush and flurry – but is it YOUR race?

And is it YOUR mountain?


Reflection is Vital

What are the top three most important things to you?
Who are you Becoming?
What do you stand for?

We can never answer questions like these until we take the time to feel our way to our truth.

And it rarely arrives all neatly packaged up and tied with a bow.

Rather, we slowly puzzle or collage our way to a vision, piece by tender piece.

And that takes time, and a regular practice of showing up to listen.

But unless we take this time and invite this level of soulful clarity, every step we take is shadowed by the very real possibility that our effort and action is in service to someone else’s journey up their mountain, rather than anything to do with us getting up our own.


The Mountain is Terrifying

What I also get from that image above is that our ‘real’ mountain – the one that has our Future Self cheerleading for us from the top – often looks much bigger than the ‘wrong’ mountain we’ve been on.

A mountain always feels insurmountable from the bottom – that’s it’s nature – but perhaps you know you’ve found YOUR mountain when it scares you shitless, while singing a siren song to your Soul as well?!

Not only do we need the self-attunement to hear that song and determine which mountain is ours, and which isn’t, but we need scaffolding and support to make it to the top!

terrifying mountain


The fact remains, life is full…

I know, I know, who needs a bigger mountain, if Life is full enough as it is??

But this is your PURPOSE and JOY we’re talking about…

What if you could take one minute a day, and 15 mins a week to document your life, building up a true picture of who you are – as evidenced by your experiences, feelings and habits over time?

What if, in Knowing Yourself in this way – not the identity story you fudge to yourself, but the truth of what you have lived over the last 3/6/9 months or more – you were able to ‘get real’ and course-correct towards your Future Self, shining in the distance?

What if you could Know Yourself so well that when you face YOUR mountain – and you know it’s yours because it scares the absolute bejeezus out of you – you had a self-reflection practice and self-reflecting community that supported you every step of the way, helping you navigate the inevitable doubt, brain fog, questions and fears?


Year of the Mountain

What if 2020 were The Year of the Mountain…?

What is your Mountain? Your biggest challenge? 

What stands in the way of your Future Self?

And if this is the year for facing down your Mountain, what support will you need?

Who and what will keep you true to YOUR path?

What practices will help you pace yourself, so you can make it over the long haul?


Scaffolding and support

cyclical wisdom journal helps you scale the mountainWell, that’s exactly what the CYCLICAL WISDOM JOURNAL is designed to be, a partner (amongst others!) in your journey up the Mountain!

The CYCLICAL WISDOM JOURNAL helps you connect with yourself throughout the year, on a weeklymonthly and quarterly basis, so you can course-correct towards your vision over time.

The CYCLICAL WISDOM JOURNAL Facebook group is a place to share your Mountain experiences and hear from others who are living on purpose too – we can cheer-lead each other to the top!

Above all, the CYCLICAL WISDOM JOURNAL keeps you accountable to your Future Self – that Self who’s waiting for you at the top of the mountain that is yours alone to climb.

Imagine what life will be like when you look around and realise that you ACTUALLY MADE IT??





“Indulgence” = Freedom

Here’s something Kirsty, who’s been using the Lunar Journal (now called the CYCLICAL WISDOM JOURNAL), said recently:

“I used to think journalling was indulgent… I don’t any more. It’s so powerful and poignant and freeing.”

Yes! Yes to a life of freedom!

What if you knew that climbing your mountain and becoming your Future Self, wasn’t just a frivolous ‘perk’ or a selfish self-actualisation project, but absolutely freaking essential to the health of your family, your community and Planet Earth??

Well actually, it IS!!

Make 2020 the year you said YES to yourself…