What Lies Beneath workshop 2

Part Two of the What Lies Beneath process!  Powerful to witness people listening to their creative voice and discerning their own unique ways forward/around/toward the piece that was calling to be made.  Exciting to witness beautiful  art emerging out of raw materials and the gifts of the Earth!

At the end, we reflected on what we were taking home, as a result of being part of this process, this circle, brief but loving as it was.  We created a group bundle, shrouding leaves and words in silk, wrapping ourselves and our experiences up… for now…

A highlight for me was processing into the kitchen, truly like priestesses, and laying that collaborative bundle in the cauldron!  We will unwrap it on Opening Night – you’re invited to come along – and we shall see ‘what lies beneath’!  There’ll also be some performances and general eco-printed beauty, of course!

~ What Lies Beneath Exhibition Opening Night is on Thursday 7th July, from 7 to 9pm, at Burrinja Gallery in Upwey, VIC.  The exhibition opens runs till Sunday 7th August. ~