Let’s pause and count all the ways, great and small, in which we are showing up for this work called Life.

Let’s pause and honour all the ways we are putting ourselves out there in new configurations, giving the best of what we’ve got, this cycle.

Let’s pause and give credit for all the times we’ve held our own hand in the last ten days, helping ourselves trust the process when other parts of us would have called it quits already.

Let’s pause and give tribute to this dear body, infinitely wise and full of generative possibility, which carries us in each moment.

Let’s pause and marvel at the orchestra of all our cells reconfiguring as we choose love over fear, making music of our darkness.

The Moon is in the earthy sign of Virgo, looking back to earthy Taurus, flowing with, aiding, helping, supporting those New Moon intentions we set back then.

Under this Waxing Gibbous Moon, taking a breath before the deep dive of this watery Scorpio Full Moon, imbued with this Virgo Priestess energy, we pause and count all these small changes.  

We render all these personal miracles, sacred…


12 zodiac signs + 9 lunar phases = 108 cosmic invitations to wholeness!

The moon is a natural time-keeper, moving through her phases each ‘moonth.’  And astrology is a map of archetypal qualities and mythic stories, ascribed to various places and planets in the sky.

The lunar dance of ascent and descent can therefore function as a natural ‘liturgical calendar,’ inviting us into a rhythmical reflection of the various facets of what it means to be human.

Witnessing our small lives in the mirror of the cosmos, receiving these timely reminders, we can be inspired to embody a fuller expression of our Wild, Whole Selves.