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Sending love during the busy lead-up to Easter and the Autumn Equinox.  Soon, the days and nights of equal length, and then the descent towards winter…  How is your garden, inner and outer?  What are you harvesting?  What is abundant?  What is spent?  What do you need, in order to bring more balance?

And how are you finding this potent window created between the two eclipses?  (Started on Wednesday 9th March, and will complete with the full moon on Wednesday 23rd March…)

I’m experiencing a relational reset with my lover/husband, for which I am very grateful.  And also feeling called to do less, especially any social stuff which isn’t nourishing, to make room for more writing, hearth-tending and home-making – grossly undervalued in our culture, but such pleasures if I have time enough to go slowly!

But first it’s Easter and the Equinox, also known as Mabon, the second of three harvest festivals in the Celtic calendar, and there’s a harvest of delicious events crying out to be shared, before any winter stillness!

MoonDance: a one-day embodied workshop for women

Sunday 17th April, 9am to 5pm in Carnegie, VIC, $100
I am very excited to be supporting my friend Sarah ofEmbodiments Dance as she offers her inaugural MoonDance workshop, based on content from Jane Hardwicke Collings’ Moonsong offering, but translated into the body and movement!  We are held in many cycles – menstrual, lunar, seasonal, life cycles – and our bodies have much to contribute to our understanding of these deep natural rhythms.  Let’s dance our wisdom together!
More info and bookings

Life Spiral workshop

Wednesday 20th April, 7 to 9.30pm in St Kilda, VIC, $40
I’m running an astrology workshop, focussing on one particular technique that dovetails with the cyclical wisdom that imbues so much of my inspiration, work and life!  Each person will create a visual map of their life to date using a 30-year lunar cycle, providing an eagle-eye view from which to see recurring patterns or themes emerging.  Find out which of the eight moon phases you were born under, and which phase you are currently in, with their corresponding tasks and opportunities.

Very helpful if you:
> need some perspective on your life
> feel life is changing in significant ways and you want to get a sense of the trajectory of things
> want to shift some long-term habits/dynamics/ways of being
> would like to feel acceptance, trust and compassion for where you’re at right now

Bookings are essential so I can calculate your unique dates.  This offering is part of theBelford St Holistic Therapies Monday sessions – check out the calendar for other nourishing events!

Email or call me if you are interested:
midwifeofthesoul@gmail.com, 0478 239 400
And you can find more information about my astrology work in general at CosmoFunk!

Eco-printing workshop

Friday 22nd April, 6 to 9pm and Saturday 23rd April, 10 to 5pm, in Upwey, VIC, $260
My friend Jacqui of Beautiful Wasteland and I are offering another eco-printing experience, bringing together our interest and experience in shamanic practices, art therapy techniques and creativity as pathways to discern our inner knowing in the present moment.   Eco-printing is an alchemy of leaves, natural materials, metal and heat – the outcome is always a Mystery!

Over these two days you will learn how to eco print, create your own eco-printed oracle cards, sit in circle and explore the magic of the collaboration between self and other as the dye pot cauldron sings her wisdom!

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And you can Like our Embodied Arts Collective page on FB, if you feel so called!

Seven Sisters Festival

Friday 18th to Sunday 20th March in Mt Martha, VIC
Last but not least, hope to see some of you at Seven Sisters Festival this weekend!  Jacqui and I are offering two eco-printed oracle bundle workshops(4pm Saturday and 1pm Sunday).  Here’s our write-up: “Fuse shamanic womancraft and experiential art therapy to create an ecoprinted, botanically dyed oracle bundle, exploring a significant moment at Seven Sisters.  Experience matter as sacred, process as ritual, and dyed bundles as oracles of knowing.”

And also, I am super excited to be helping create, with Jo Clifford and others,the first ever Maidens Lounge, a space aimed at the young women (age 11-early 20s) attending in the festival.  There’ll be weaving, hula-hooping, garland-making, story-telling, dancing, felting and more, as well as an opportunity to participate in the Closing Ceremony.  And, hot drinks, nibbles and a quiet place to read and rest, of course!  Do come by and say hi – I’ll be there on Saturday and Sunday mornings!

Phew!  Lots happening, just like in the garden!  Hope some of these offerings resonate with you, in the ripple of all of us growing into wholeness…

Lots of love,