WOW!! Love this work Grace!! Looks like you enjoyed it too, there is so much LOVE in this offering. The fit of all the layers is rather beautiful and I love the list of the opportunities for each cycle.


I read my Lilith report & felt so validated & moved by the insights & understanding! There really is a healing aspect in knowing that my life experiences & woundings are “written in the stars”.  That it is actually my destiny from the moment of birth. That there is much more to the story than […]


I had a session with Grace and it was soooo beautiful!   I’ve had quite a few astrology readings and this one felt very special. She wove many pieces together that had never been seen and woven before. Thank you Grace!!   and HIGHLY RECOMMEND a reading with her!!!


I recently had an Astro convo with Grace. It felt such a warm, heart embodied weaving together of my chart in a very loving kind way… And a way that resonated deeply with me.  So many epiphanies. I am so grateful to you Grace. The conversation continues…


Thank YOU so much.  Our conversation was very illuminating and interesting for me.  I really appreciate your generosity in time.


Thank you so much!! Your words are so special and poignant to my visual journey. Thank you, I resonate so deeply with a lot that was talked about and written. What a beautiful experience and offering you share, so special!


Sitting in circle with other women, being as we are, speaking the words that want to be spoken through us, listening with the ears of the heart, is deeply grounding, healing, nourishing, gently transformative and powerful.  It brings you home to yourself and connects you to the one great heart.  Thankyou so much Sarah and […]


Thankyou for what you did today.  My heart feels really full.  It was amazing to get an eagle view of this life.  I can step with renewed trust in the patterns.


I really love the suggestions in each quarter and feel that the Lunar Journal is helping me to nurture a ritual and rhythmic approach to my day-to-day life. It’s been both gentle and profound, and is perfectly laid out!


Reflecting back over my journal over multiple years now is gold! And the moonthly cycle of setting my intentions, gratitudes and letting go has helped me so much with singing up a more balanced, loving and gentle life.


Thanks you soooo very much. I love it already and I haven’t even printed it out yet!


I’m so glad I’ve purchased your beautiful work… It’s what I have honestly been searching for for so long now.  Now I will have to MAKE the time to use efficiently.  Thank you again, you have done a lovely job.


I love your journal, and it has already become one of my best companions!


It’s the first time I’ve been able to develop a consistent journalling practice, which also means this is the first time I’ve also been able to actually track what is coming up at different times.


From the very first month I saw a really profound pattern, which was repeated again the following month.  Gaining clarity on what’s going on in my emotional world through the lens of cycles, as well as the pleasure of writing and drawing in the spaces you’ve created, is truly feeding my soul and providing deep […]


I have been using the Lunar Journal for most of the year and it has been a wonderful tool to help me align to the rhythms of my psyche and the feminine. Thanks for bringing this work to us!


Thank you so much for the gentle reminder to continually connect in with myself and this Divine earth.  Blessings to you for creating this affordable tool for us all… what magic you have created!


I loved using your journal this year, thanks for all your amazing work!


Thank you so so much for holding such a warm, supportive, energising (women’s circle) space on Thursday night. It was just what I was needing and so great to be able to listen with the ears of my heart…


WOW this is so incredible what you’ve put together (in my Lilith astrology report). Finally I get/understand my journey and the gifts of it. Thank you so so much!


You have a way of articulating life and your work in a quintessentially yin way. It offers so much inspiration for many women, and in particular mothers, that there is potential to ‘bring their priestess’ to every daily action, to re-member spirituality, and to invite more beauty into their life.