What Lies Beneath

So looking forward to facilitating this midwinter dive into experiential art with Jacqui Grace!  Eco-printing is a modality that invites paying attention to the present moment and all that’s arising… however, the exhibited pieces are not limited to this modality, they could be video, photography, painting, metalwork, whatever!  More information at: whatliesbeneathexhibition.com

Circling in Canada

A little over a week ago, I facilitated a women’s circle in Canada, in the home of my cousin and supported by a diverse range of friends and family. It felt like many things were happening at once! We were experiencing, once again, a making-known of a potential Unknown: what does it mean to gather […]

Re-membering Christmas

Two poems, to bring us back to the heartland of Christmas, which was once known as Yule – this time of light returning to the world. I see a twinkle in your eye, so this shall be my Christmas star and I will travel to your heart: the manger where the real things are. And I […]