Oracle cards

Made my own oracle cards last night, on paper I eco-printed seasonally throughout last year – helpful anchors for my own hard-won truth or the wisdom passed on to me by others. They remind me of the shamanic reality I want to keep attuning to… fundamentally, love over fear…

November Eco-printing

Calling anyone wanting to dive into the sensory delight that is the Seasonal Women’s Eco-printing Circle on Sunday 29th November! We’ll create eco-printed oracle cards (like these!) as a collaborative effort, collectively listening to what the natural world and our creative process wish to teach us! We will engage eco-printing as a self-reflexive art form, […]

Eco-printed Oracles

Beautiful collaboratively-created oracle cards, from yesterday’s eco-printing workshop.  We slowed down enough to hear this wisdom coming through the leaves and the process, and it’s rippling out to you!