New Moon in Aquarius: Rainbow Serpent

(Photo: ready to play!  with Nymh, Sequoia and Jane!) Fittingly for an Aquarian New Moon, I found myself immersed in a colourful tribe at Rainbow Serpent Festival (along with 10,000+ other people), living for a short time an alternative, playful reality! The School of Shamanic Womancraft was hosting a Woman’s Space each morning, along with a ‘Healing […]

Underworld Journey

In the very first cycle of the lunar year – the Aries New Moon cycle back in April – my heart took a big hit.  Something happened where I felt both deeply disappointed in myself, as well as judged and painfully unsupported. This Aries cycle, with all its forward movement and fire energy, plunged me […]

Four Seasons Journey: Gift 4

{Inspired by Women’s Health Week I wanted to share some of the gifts I’ve received from participating in the Four Seasons Journey – one of the best things I’ve ever done in terms of my health and power as a woman!} In stillness we listen to the story, whispered and woven, of the first descent.  The […]

Virgo New Moon

🌙  Happy New Moon in Virgo + Solar Eclipse! 🌙 New Moon: Thursday 1st September at 7.03pm (AEST) How did you go, journeying though this last lunar cycle?  Any recurring themes?  Any parallels between your experiences on opposite sides of the circle? What was/is calling for your attention?   Eclipse Season Lots going on this month […]

Victorian Womancraft

The School of Shamanic Womancraft is coming to Victoria 🌿🌙🌿 New Moon in Cancer blessings to you!  An auspicious day to be part of the announcement that this watery tribe of sisters is expanding into Victoria – not so far for us to travel, those of us who have heard the call for this very […]

Lizard Dreaming

We greeted the New Moon today with a drum journey, the kids and I.  They travelled down, down, down to explore and meet with animals, perhaps even their power animal.  Laying outside, the sounds of the birds all around. I sat my drum on the bench in the sun, the hide warming to the touch.  […]