Medicine Drum workshop

It was a privilege for Sarah and I to facilitate this day with women birthing their own medicine drum!  Creating sacred, transformative instruments in a context of loving sisterhood. Here’s a video of some of the lacing work – gentle, repetitive crafting like this changes our brainwaves from beta to alpha, and we are receptive to receiving […]

Imbolc Garden

Happy Imbolc/Candlemas for those in the Southern hemisphere! The traditional date for Imbolc is 1st February in the Northern Hemisphere, so we can translate that to 1st August here in Australia, though it’s debatable whether there’s ever been an Imbolc ‘tradition’ here in the Great South Land (though goddess knows, we have enough sheep!)  Astronomically this year, this celebration […]


These beautiful blue pieces were what emerged from my bundles at the Women’s Seasonal Eco-printing Circle in July.  I fell in love with them straight away – felt so nourished just looking at them.  It was my grandmother’s birthday (though she is dead now), and having them in the room inspired a fresh spring altar, clear […]

Imbolc Candles

Imbolc is the third of eight seasonal celebrations marked throughout the year by ancient Europeans, and means ewe’s milk,’ pointing to the pregnant/quickening nature of this season. This festival also became known as Candlemas, a time during which households melted the ends of their candles to make it through the end of Winter into the […]

Imbolc Eco-printing

My second Imbolc eco-printing workshop – not holding space this time, but rather, immersing in the rich art-therapy offering of Jacqui Grace! It was a delight to journey through the evening into the next day, and watch how my keyword play changed over time – a mirror of how I was changing in the space, […]

Eco-printing circle reflections

Last weekend we gathered as part of the series of Seasonal Women’s Eco-printing Circles. Drinking in the beauty of the womb-like ger/yurt, the new growth of Spring, the abundance of the altar of leaves & materials, the wisdom of the process. Keywords of feelings and experiences shared over the course of the day are woven together into […]