Full Moon in Cancer: Dreaming Big

I’ve been immersed in my own Dreamtime these holidays, listening to the desires of my heart and soul, and those of my family as well.  As it says in the introduction of the Lunar Journal, “To ‘Priestess Your Life’ means to live with intention, being the change the world needs now…”  Setting goals for 2017 […]

Embodied Living

The sacred is not beyond us, but within us, and it is through our bodies, senses and intuition that we commune with divine Mystery. “…along with the other animals, the stones, the trees, and the clouds, we ourselves are characters within a huge story that is visibly unfolding all around us, participants within the vast […]

midsummer magic

today i am leaking everywhere spilling down my legs on the floor under my nails day 2 bleeding and my visceral experience is an uncontained pleasure ideas spill out of me ripe, proliferous conversations are fertile ground as i drip fullness under this full moon this bright solstice sky an inner ferment it’s possible i […]

Sacred Sensuality retreat

Sacred Sensuality: Pathways to Presence & Pleasure This nourishing retreat on the Mornington Peninsula offers women a safe space to connect deeply to the wisdom of their living/loving bodies and to remember and reclaim the body as Temple as Sacred as Earth. This is a weekend of singing up bliss, diving deeply into the pleasure […]

From Midwife to Priestess

I wanted to share the story of changing the name of my work from Midwife of the Soul to Priestess Your life, and how this shift arose. A name change, but more than that, the birth of a whole new identity. Seeded in the Void at the end of last year, Midwinter in Canada, when the […]

Rebirthing Ceremony

21.7.2016 I undertook a reclaiming, rebirthing ritual this morning, placing in the ground a rock from a beach of my childhood, some hair and blood, together symbolic of my placenta. I was born around 5km from here, by this river Dandiiri Maiwar (Brisbane River), on Turrbal and Jagera land. I honour these ancestors and guardians, […]

Seeming dualities

At the Dark Moon, two weeks ago, I rolled my inner-realm seed up into a bundle, and left it to stand on the kitchen windowsill for two weeks.  Each day following had a greater or lesser sense of waiting until the process of the passage of time could be revealed. In retrospect, ecoprinting seems an […]