LSJ: Taurus New Moon Cycle

Using the Lunar Solar Journal once again to reflect on my month… Seeing these two archetypes calling for more expression in my life: Priestess & Lover. I am carrying these two energies into the following cycle (and the rest of the year, no doubt!), watching them unfold, noticing where they feel easeful and where they feel uncomfortable […]

What Lies Beneath workshop 2

Part Two of the What Lies Beneath process!  Powerful to witness people listening to their creative voice and discerning their own unique ways forward/around/toward the piece that was calling to be made.  Exciting to witness beautiful  art emerging out of raw materials and the gifts of the Earth! At the end, we reflected on what […]

What Lies Beneath

So looking forward to facilitating this midwinter dive into experiential art with Jacqui Grace!  Eco-printing is a modality that invites paying attention to the present moment and all that’s arising… however, the exhibited pieces are not limited to this modality, they could be video, photography, painting, metalwork, whatever!  More information at:

Oracle cards

Made my own oracle cards last night, on paper I eco-printed seasonally throughout last year – helpful anchors for my own hard-won truth or the wisdom passed on to me by others. They remind me of the shamanic reality I want to keep attuning to… fundamentally, love over fear…

Dissonant Art

What happens when we create something we don’t like? What can our pieces teach us about the aspects of ourselves that feel “not okay, not worthy, not beautiful”? And is there room to bring these parts of us into the open? Jacqui & I explore these questions through the lens of eco-printing in the context of sacred […]

November Eco-printing

Calling anyone wanting to dive into the sensory delight that is the Seasonal Women’s Eco-printing Circle on Sunday 29th November! We’ll create eco-printed oracle cards (like these!) as a collaborative effort, collectively listening to what the natural world and our creative process wish to teach us! We will engage eco-printing as a self-reflexive art form, […]

Eco-printed Oracles

Beautiful collaboratively-created oracle cards, from yesterday’s eco-printing workshop.  We slowed down enough to hear this wisdom coming through the leaves and the process, and it’s rippling out to you!


These beautiful blue pieces were what emerged from my bundles at the Women’s Seasonal Eco-printing Circle in July.  I fell in love with them straight away – felt so nourished just looking at them.  It was my grandmother’s birthday (though she is dead now), and having them in the room inspired a fresh spring altar, clear […]

August Eco-printing

Calling anyone wanting to dive into the sensory delight that is the Seasonal Women’s Eco-printing Circle on Sunday 23rd August! Nourish your creative, intuitive soul! Build up a seasonal collection of art! Choose process over outcome! Collaborate with Mystery! Trust your body! Themes/tone for this gathering: full Spring/Ostara First-Quarter Moon the young Maiden (pre-menarche) emerging out of […]

Imbolc Eco-printing

My second Imbolc eco-printing workshop – not holding space this time, but rather, immersing in the rich art-therapy offering of Jacqui Grace! It was a delight to journey through the evening into the next day, and watch how my keyword play changed over time – a mirror of how I was changing in the space, […]

Eco-printing circle reflections

Last weekend we gathered as part of the series of Seasonal Women’s Eco-printing Circles. Drinking in the beauty of the womb-like ger/yurt, the new growth of Spring, the abundance of the altar of leaves & materials, the wisdom of the process. Keywords of feelings and experiences shared over the course of the day are woven together into […]