Virgo New Moon

🌙  Happy New Moon in Virgo + Solar Eclipse! 🌙 New Moon: Thursday 1st September at 7.03pm (AEST) How did you go, journeying though this last lunar cycle?  Any recurring themes?  Any parallels between your experiences on opposite sides of the circle? What was/is calling for your attention?   Eclipse Season Lots going on this month […]

Oracle cards

Made my own oracle cards last night, on paper I eco-printed seasonally throughout last year – helpful anchors for my own hard-won truth or the wisdom passed on to me by others. They remind me of the shamanic reality I want to keep attuning to… fundamentally, love over fear…

Earth Medicine

I’m giving thanks today for my man and the Earth Medicine he brings to our family.  Last night, inspired by the Native American sweat lodge tradition, but in a local, contemporary dreaming of this practice, the five of us sweated our prayers under the eclipse full moon. Beautiful to build the fire together, to heat […]