Full Moon in Cancer: Dreaming Big

I’ve been immersed in my own Dreamtime these holidays, listening to the desires of my heart and soul, and those of my family as well.  As it says in the introduction of the Lunar Journal, “To ‘Priestess Your Life’ means to live with intention, being the change the world needs now…”  Setting goals for 2017 […]

Underworld Journey

In the very first cycle of the lunar year – the Aries New Moon cycle back in April – my heart took a big hit.  Something happened where I felt both deeply disappointed in myself, as well as judged and painfully unsupported. This Aries cycle, with all its forward movement and fire energy, plunged me […]

Four Seasons Journey: Gift 3

{Inspired by Women’s Health Week I wanted to share some of the gifts I’ve received from participating in the Four Seasons Journey – one of the best things I’ve ever done in terms of my health and power as a woman!} The first thing we do in the Four Seasons Journey is make a drum, ancient […]

Medicine Drum workshop

It was a privilege for Sarah and I to facilitate this day with women birthing their own medicine drum!  Creating sacred, transformative instruments in a context of loving sisterhood. Here’s a video of some of the lacing work – gentle, repetitive crafting like this changes our brainwaves from beta to alpha, and we are receptive to receiving […]

LSJ: Taurus New Moon Cycle

Using the Lunar Solar Journal once again to reflect on my month… Seeing these two archetypes calling for more expression in my life: Priestess & Lover. I am carrying these two energies into the following cycle (and the rest of the year, no doubt!), watching them unfold, noticing where they feel easeful and where they feel uncomfortable […]

What Lies Beneath workshop 2

Part Two of the What Lies Beneath process!  Powerful to witness people listening to their creative voice and discerning their own unique ways forward/around/toward the piece that was calling to be made.  Exciting to witness beautiful  art emerging out of raw materials and the gifts of the Earth! At the end, we reflected on what […]

What Lies Beneath

So looking forward to facilitating this midwinter dive into experiential art with Jacqui Grace!  Eco-printing is a modality that invites paying attention to the present moment and all that’s arising… however, the exhibited pieces are not limited to this modality, they could be video, photography, painting, metalwork, whatever!  More information at: whatliesbeneathexhibition.com