Support Me

Thankyou for your interest in my offerings!

What I do is inspired by interactions with people like you, and there are many different ways you can support me to do what I do!

Spread the word

Sharing my offerings with your community, or with friends who may resonate.  Spreading the word and connecting me with other kindred hearts is invaluable to me!

Invite me on your podcast, give me a shout-out on social media…

Perhaps you’re finding the Cyclical Wisdom Journal useful in some way?  Here’s some images to make it easy to share the news ~ click on one to download.

Financial Gift

While I am leaning into gifting my work as much as I can, I still need to pay the bills and support my family!

Plus, your gifts are a feedback loop that helps me work out if a particular projects is of value to you, and worth the investment of my time and energy.

I WELCOME your gratitude in the form of a financial contribution.

No amount is too small!

You can gift me via:

PayID / Osko transfer, or email me for BSB and acc deets (Australia)
Cash, or E-transfer (Canada)
Paypal transfer (global)

using this address: vivianegraceart ~ at ~ gmail ~ dot ~ com

Snail Mail

Paper is one of my first loves, something that always inspires me to creativity.

As a child I collected stamps and wrote letters.  As an adult I invest in this particular joy when I can.

This love is also reflected in my ongoing appreciation for journalling, and the peace of my pen moving across the page.

If you would like to send me a letter, drawing, little feathers, feedback, postcard, photo, joke or any loving, artful correspondence, here’s the address:

35078 Road 29E
Mitchell, R5G 2P3

Gift It Forward

What I offer as a gift is truly a gift.  And when it doesn’t feel like that within me, ah, there’s something powerful for me to witness and respond to!  Another gift, in other words!

I know that even if you receive a gift from me and I never hear from you, I trust that receiving something nourishing inspires you to pass on this experience to others.

I’m sure this is our natural way ~ look how generous the trees are with their leaves, the sun with its light.

It is our nature to be abundant and generous!

Love & Prayers

Love and prayers are real; the power of this inner visioning is slowly being appreciated even through the lens of science. 

For example, through the power of loving intentionRaymon Grace is improving the quality of water around the world.  Without being near it, he can change the energy of it.  It might look like he’s doing ‘nothing’, but the feedback from others is that the water tastes better.

In that spirit, I gratefully receive your loving prayers and intentions, knowing they have a tangible effect on my life!