Seeming dualities

2015 June Ecoprinted DM seedAt the Dark Moon, two weeks ago, I rolled my inner-realm seed up into a bundle, and left it to stand on the kitchen windowsill for two weeks.  Each day following had a greater or lesser sense of waiting until the process of the passage of time could be revealed.

In retrospect, ecoprinting seems an apt creative response for such an earthy moon in Taurus.  And in the spirit of this Sagittarian Full Moon, opening it tonight was an adventure into Mystery.  There was no telling if this act would have “worked” or not.  And it many ways, it didn’t matter what happened.

But here it is, my Dark Moon seed made yet more meaningful.

The paper smells like the skin of a friend.  I see a repeated image of leaves across the page.  The very same leaves, expressing different colours.

Tiny details, gentle darkness holding the lightness.  Dualities abounding in this calm and nourishing whole.