Saturn Direct

In a significant moment for those who keep an eye on cosmic shifts, Saturn stationed direct yesterday.

From our perspective here on Earth, Saturn has resumed forward motion and is set to complete his time in the constellation of Capricorn around the upcoming Solstice in December.

Let’s break down the symbology a little…

Saturn represents discipline, maturity, structure, focus and wisdom. Expressed as shadow, Saturn is cold, stuck, depressed, rigid.

Saturn has been hanging out with Pluto and Jupiter for most of 2020, an intense astro-conversation mirroring our intense epidemic experiences, the global shifts, our collective feeling of being restricted or heavy, etc.

You could say Pluto and Saturn have turned the volume up on these questions:
Will you choose love or fear?
Will you choose personal alignment or the status quo?
What does ‘collective, planetary health’ look like?

So, Saturn going direct is significant because it means he’s leaving Pluto and that underworld conversation behind.

He has a final few months to resolve the ‘real-world,’ practical restructuring that he (and Pluto) have demanded of us, before shifting into Aquarius and demanding that we rebuild some of our airy ideas and collective vision!

Saturn entered the earth sign of Capricorn in December 2017.  Since then, we’ve been living this call to restructure our lives in order to become more aligned (think, cosmic chiropractics!).

Symbolically, we are on the ‘final strait’ of this particular energy: integrating the changes and moving forward! Hallelujah!

In a circle a few days ago, I posed a question that had its roots in this particular astro shift:

🌿 What themes or threads have you been journeying with since the end of 2017?


It was such a potent reflection, everyone shared significant shifts in identity, life situation, perspective, etc.  We are not the same people!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

For me, when I look back:

→ I first heard the whisper to move here to Canada in Jul 2017.  By Jan 2018, that plan was fully in motion.  Now, I feel like I’m completing a long arrival process, putting down roots here slowly but surely.

→ We sent our two younger kids to school for the first time ever in Oct 2017.  Now, due to COVID-related reasons, we are back to homeschooling them.  There’s a strong sense of coming back to a familiar, positive freedom.

→ I completed my apprenticeship with the School of Shamanic Womancraft and became a teacher.  This is a photo of me and my teacher, Jane Hardwicke Collings!  Always so much gratitude to her.  And, I am still learning how to best express this vocation in this new place…

What about you? 

What aspects of life have restructured since the end of 2017?

What changes are you bedding down right now?

Where and how are you called to change position, to embody alignment?

What themes do you find yourself coming back to, or living a completion of?