why does it matter?

It matters because these initiations occur whether you care or not.
They seed and inspire your future, whether you notice or not.
If you don’t consciously choose your experience at these powerful moments, then you are ‘seeded and inspired’ by cultural norms.
Look around at what’s ‘normal’ right now:
separation and isolation  🗲  family and cultural conflicts  🗲  numbing out and escapism  🗲  political correctness at the expense of truth  🗲  obesity and sedentary ill-health  🗲  sick care instead of health care  🗲  deep anxiety, doom stories and negative thinking  🗲  institutionalisation and apathy  🗲  medicalised and medicated existence  🗲  domestication and the loss of wildness/wilderness  🗲  artificial intelligence over intuitive vision  🗲  cliches over authenticity  🗲  entitlement and greed  🗲  blame, projection and self-hate
Basically, our smallest selves (our anxious egos) running the show.
But each threshold, great or small, is an opportunity to live a new normal.
All that is required is that you bring your intentional, creative engagement — your presence — to this ongoing process of transformation.
When you are deeply present… everything changes!