Year of the Mountain

beautiful mountain

beautiful mountain   If you’re like most womyn I know, you’re juggling a multitude of balls, caring for numerous people, projects and pets, generating income to support yourself and your loved ones… … and maybe trying to express your creativity and practice some self-care in there as well! Whew! That’s a lot! Meanwhile, the amount of admin for your job, the […]

Libra Lunar Cycle: Invitation into Sacred Relating

I’ve been reflecting this last month on how I show up in conflict.  How I seek to avoid it, how I also create it, and what that means for my relationships (Libra) and how they play out. Not cos I think this is a particularly fun bone to chew, but rather because some key relationships […]

Leo Lunar Cycle: Welcoming Our Rejected Selves

Well, we’re coming to the end of this relatively rare triple-whammy of an eclipse period, with this New Moon.  Here’s how it all went down: 1. New Moon and Solar Eclipse at 20° Cancer on 12th/13th July 2. Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse at 4° Aquarius on 27th/28th July 3. and now this New Moon […]

Cancer Lunar Cycle: Calling in a New Home

Marvelling once again at the exactitude of the lunar cycle dancing me through the opportunities and invitations of each phase and each day.  For some reason my real life strongly ‘matched’ the Moon this month! A year ago, during the last ‘New Moon in Cancer’ lunar cycle I felt the call to move to the […]

Solstice Portal + Playlist

In some mysterious ritual, this very day my family moves from Australia to Canada, We leave in mid-Winter and arrive in mid-Summer, stepping through an invisible portal. To me it feels like a labour and birth. To look at every single thing that has filled our house for years and decide whether to keep it. […]

Chiron in Aries: Warming Our Sacred Wound

Not sure about you, but I am glad to be out of the tumbling waves of Pisces.  It’s been a big month, with a volume of old patterning coming to the surface to be dissolved and reimagined.  Not that I’ve felt visionary, but rather more kin to the imaginal mush of the caterpillar prior to its […]