Ready to step back from the cliff edge of ‘burnout’ and reclaim your joy?

Take ten minutes a day over the next month to re-imagine your time, restore your rhythm, remember your body and reclaim your joy.

→ you didn’t have to wait for your next vacation to get a rest, and instead, you took small moments every day to pause, exhale, relax and reflect?

→ you could use the moon cycle and the seasonal cycle to help you plan and sustain your energy and activity over the course of a month?

→ you could seed a new mindset in small windows of time each day in order to course-correct towards your joy?

→ amidst an overflowing to-do list, projects and stressors of life, you felt connected to your soulful Self, whole and sovereign?


We start Jun 21  →

“Ten short minutes (or less!) and my perspective for the day gets shifted to a more intentional way of being.”

This course is for you if...

→ you’re sprinting just to get through the day without dropping too many balls… juggling work deadlines, school forms, phone calls, shunting children, meetings, car issues, squeezing in a workout or feeling guilty for not, and collapsing in front of the TV at the end of the day.

→ the idea of taking even ten minutes for yourself feels pretty much impossible.

→ you know something’s not right, life is costing too much but you can’t work out what to change, and you don’t have time to think about it, let alone the energy to fix anything.

→ your day involves a lot of caring for other people, and there’s not much time to ‘refill your own cup.’

→ you lie in bed at the end of the day scrolling through Instagram, seeking connection and inspiration, but ending up feeling more exhausted and overloaded than ever.

→  you often feel overwhelmed by small tasks, and your days end up feeling scattered rather than purposeful.

→ you’ve been raised in a capitalist society that values work and achievement above rest and rejuvenation – oh wait, that’s most of us…

Reclaiming Rest as a Pathway to Joy

Is a daily invitation to pause and course-correct back to your good ground

You’ll receive:

28 lessons emailed to you each day for a month.

❀ The lessons are made up of journal prompts, guided meditations, teachings on the lunar cycle, calls to action, simple rituals, poems, inspiration, tools, soulful mapping and cues to tend to your physical self.

❀ Half the emails contain an audio option.
So rather than stare at a bright screen full of words, you can lie back, close your eyes and rest while you listen!

❀ An e-book, delivered at the end of the course.
This contains all the contents of the course, so you can dip back into these lessons and tools any time!

Free access to future Reclaiming Rest courses.
If you’d like to have the emails arriving once again in your inbox each day.

“Such lovely, cleansing, beautifully simple, gentle, nourishing words, poems, questions, meditations, ideas, processes. I look forward to also revisiting and letting it all sink in further.”

Just 10 minutes.

I get it, the last thing you need is another to-do! Ah, the irony of asking busy, stretched people to try something new!

However, the cost is high when we don’t take the time to tend to ourselves.

That’s why, in general, these emails will take just 10 minutes of your day – an amount of time all of us can afford!

The point is to create small but potent spaces to attune to yourself amidst the busyness. It is possible, guaranteed!

We start with each new moon.

Why?  Because life isn’t linear, and neither is our capacity.  We wax and wane throughout the month, just like the Moon does.  The content of this e-course is structured around the lunar cycle to help us witness our energy shifts, and the various opportunities that unfold with time.

The Reclaiming Rest as a Pathway to Joy e-course runs for four weeks.

We start Jun 21  →

“I just wanted to say that I LOOOVE the meditations you do! I wish there was one every day! I love your calm, grounded and warm voice, it’s so cozy and comforting to listen to.”

Try out an audio meditation from the course.

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This is a picture Aleks drew after one of the meditations, her Rested Self holding her…

Why rest?

Don’t know about you, but when I’m in a busy adrenalised state, rest looks… well, boring. Quite apart from the fact that I don’t have time for it.

However, rest is just the tip of the iceberg! What we are doing, when we choose to create the slower, reflective spaces in life, is saying yes to our JOY!

That’s the heart of it, isn’t it? Living a life where we feel relaxed rather than anxious, and contentedly tired rather than shattered and overwhelmed at the end of each day…

We are designed to be grateful, generous and joyful human beings, to live this positive feedback loop.

But when we’re tired, it’s hard enough to just show up, let alone be JOY-FULL!

Many of us are taught to skip the ‘rest and renew’ part of the creative process, in favour of the ‘produce and achieve’ part. Thing is, if we don’t take time to renew ourselves, we end up in the terrain of chronic fatigue, adrenal overload and burnout.

And then we are forced to rest, but that’s the rough way to do it. The last thing we want is life to come to a screeching halt because we’ve favoured one part of ourselves at the expense of another.

The good news is, it’s possible to renew ourselves each day and return to a more peaceful, present state.

Learn how to:

reimagine your time through the lens of four different ‘seasons’ so you can embrace both the ‘doing’ and the ‘being’

claim small moments each day to pause so you can reframe your perspective and remember what’s important to you

attune to your Self and what you need, amidst the clamour of so many external voices and agendas

tend to your body in simple but significant ways to improve your health and wellbeing

"This last lunar month working with your insights & guidance has been wonderfully rich and, to be honest, mind blowing now that I see that I am letting go of exactly those things that were holding me back from my original intention."

More joy is coming your way!

Not a transient and surface happiness, that relies on very particular and fleeting conditions.

But a robust joy that comes from feeling alive and grounded in our bodies and the present moment, whether or not we feel ‘happy’ or ‘sad.’

We start Jun 21  →

“Thank you for such a lovely treat for this month, and a gentle reminder of the simplicity of a daily practice”
“Ten minutes feels powerful and doable! And I’m stoked that I can hit the repeat button for the month ahead because the resources and support are still there for me to continue my restfulness practices.”
"This course is so full in depth, wisdom and caring. I loved the meditations and just small practicable inputs to look at the seasons, the cycle differently."

Meet your guide

Hi, I’m Grace!

I’m a teacher, star-gazer and women’s circle facilitator living in Manitoba, Canada, and I’m obsessed with cycles and patterns and how they can help us create grounded, sustainable lives!

We are in a constant, creative cycle of transformation called Life. Think of a tree – growing an abundance of leaves and seeds, letting them all go, then doing it all again!

However, we live in a culture that wants the growth without the ‘letting it all go’ part, without the ‘dormant winter’ part. Bit of a problem if this happens to be where we RENEW ourselves.

My experiences over the last fifteen years of birthing my children, talking with clients and sitting in circle with hundreds of women, has made me passionate about this descent phase of the natural cycle.

It’s the source of our renewal, and therefore, our energy → our POWER!

If you’ve been running on empty, I am so excited about this opportunity you’re creating to Reclaim Rest as a Pathway to Your Unique Joy!


The point of this course is not to add more to-dos to your life, but rather, to create some rhythm and space. Expect to spend no more than 10 mins each day. Gift yourself with this time, but don’t worry about falling behind – make this work for you and your schedule.

You’ll get an email from me every day for four weeks – 28 consecutive days in total. These emails will contain thoughts and inspiration, but most importantly, a small but significant prompt to rest, reflect (ie. take some time to hear from your Self) or to create the conditions for more joy to trickle in to your life as you shift your mindset.

You can create your ‘ten minute oasis’ at any time of the day that works for you! You may want to think about doing it at the same time each day, a rhythmical approach which might facilitate your involvement. It’s also fine to let the emails pile up for a few days if life gets hectic, and catch up on the weekend, perhaps – though recognise that this is perhaps a trap, if you never actually get to taking the time for yourself.

Since you can’t really send back a digital download, we don’t accept refunds on e-books and e-courses. Having said that, we’ve never been asked for a refund, and we fully stand behind the transformational effects of this journey!

Throughout the 28 days, you’ll be employing a range of different tools to reframe your perspective, increase your self-awareness, prioritise your body and create more space and nourishment. By the end of the course, you’ll have a whole set of ‘tools in your toolkit’ to help you create a life that feels sustainable and joyful. You’ll also have ‘planted’ a whole bunch of new ‘seeds’ in your psyche, seeds of self-connection, acceptance and peace.

In essence, you are coming home to yourself, in a humble but powerful way.

We all know rest is entirely necessary, but equally necessary is a home in which to rest
– and that home is You.

We start Jun 21  →

“The practices offered are varied, beauty-filled and simple. Sign up for your own joyful path! You will come away nourished, re-energised and deeply grateful for this beauty way.”
"I just read this prompt for today and I then felt to send you this note to say how much I am enjoying this journey with you!"