New Moon in Aquarius: Rainbow Serpent

(Photo: ready to play!  with Nymh, Sequoia and Jane!)

Fittingly for an Aquarian New Moon, I found myself immersed in a colourful tribe at Rainbow Serpent Festival (along with 10,000+ other people), living for a short time an alternative, playful reality!

The School of Shamanic Womancraft was hosting a Woman’s Space each morning, along with a ‘Healing Trauma’ process that Rainbow organisers had asked for after a series of assaults on women at the festival last year.

It was a total privilege to be in this space, doing the work of the Goddess, creating a container where women could do their own spiritual self-tending.

Much of the time, I was on the door, holding liminal space, bringing consciousness to the act of entering this spiritual portal.  It’s a place I like to be, on the threshold, embodying a deep respect for all that is happening within, and keeping the boundary strong and safe.

(Photo: Acrobatic pack-up!)

New Moon Prayers

Inspirational as always, Jane had a vision for New Moon prayers sent far and wide.  We are spell-crafting a more loving, healed and whole Way…  I’m learning that this is real magic – check it out!

Seven Sisters

The next public space held by the School is the Red Tent at Seven Sisters Festival in a month’s time – come and check it out, if you’re going – it’s a space for you!

I’m looking forward to co-hosting the Maiden’s Lounge at Seven Sisters too, creating a space for young women to relax, create, rest, meet friends, learn some new stuff and generally have fun!  Drop in and say hi if you’re around!

Rainbow love to all!  May we all dream bigger, to alter our consensus reality to one that is more loving and sustainable (starting with ourselves, as always…)!