Shamanic Dimensions of Pregnancy workshop: 27th May


For women who are pregnant or planning to be, for birthworkers and birth keepers, and for women birthing aspects of themselves & their lives in whatever form! How do we birth things? What is our Birth Story?

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This workshop focuses on the shamanic dimensions of pregnancy, in other words: what lies beneath…

Shamanism is a worldview that sees all things as interconnected.  We use that word in the title of this workshop to indicate that when we create, when we birth babies/projects/ourselves, we bring our whole selves to the process, our experiences, our stories – especially from the pivotal times of our rites of passage (our own birth, our menarche, our sexual experiences, our previous birthing experiences, etc).  We also bring the experiences and stories of those who have come before us, our mothers and grandmothers, our ancestors.

Likewise, we honour that today we create and birth in a cultural context that generally fails to acknowledge the sacred, multi-dimensional nature of birth (in all its forms) and undervalues women’s experience and truth.

In bringing awareness to these ‘invisible’ influences, we increase our agency and power to birth in positive, life-giving ways – whole selves intact! – and our ability to digest our birthing experience, whether positive or traumatic.

This work is also based on the knowing that ‘every pregnancy ends in a birth.’  Abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth, and their equivalents in our soulwork, are worthy of honour and digestion, worthy of inclusion in our psyches…

On the day…

With prior preparation contemplating our life experiences, we will undertake some shamanic processes to understand the origins of our beliefs, attitudes and fears around birth.

We will weave the connections between how we were born, our menarche (first period) and the stories of the women in our family, as well as any experiences of pregnancy and giving birth we have had so far.

We will enter into a Letting Go of Fear process and fire ritual and a shamanic drum journey to meet our baby, soul-baby, creative project or Inner Goddess, to seek guidance, clarity and information.

This workshop is for all women. You don’t have to be pregnant or planning to be and there is no prior experience necessary.


This workshop for women only. The space will be lovingly held by graduates of the Four Seasons Journey of the School of Shamanic Womancraft:

Evonne Wylie: Shamanic Craftswoman, mother of four, ‘Moonsong’ and ‘Shamanic Dimensions of Pregnancy’ workshop facilitator.  @evonnewylie
(Rebecca) Grace Funk: Shamanic Craftswoman, mother of three, Teacher with the School of Shamanic Womancraft, ‘Moonsong’ and ‘Shamanic Dimensions of Pregnancy’ workshop faciliator, author and creator of the Lunar Journal.   @priestessyourlife

We bring you this work as part of a lineage of brave women (and men) and give great thanks for our teacher, Jane Hardwicke Collings, and her teachers, including Jeannine Parvati Baker, Cedar Barstowe and James ‘Blackbear’ Harvey.  Please see for more information.

We now add to this important ripple and message, and would love to sit in circle with you!
The workshop will run from 8.45am to 5pm on Sunday 27th May, 2018, in Warrnambool, Victoria (venue shared upon booking).


Cost: $150
This includes pre-reading and morning/afternoon tea.

Here’s a flyer of the event – please invite your friends!

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Please get in touch with any questions!
Evonne ~ 0422 071 281
Grace ~ 0478 239 400

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