Natal Chart Reading


A 1-hour conversation in which to explore your natal chart ~ that ‘map’ of what was occurring in the heavens at the moment of your birth!  Correlate the astrological symbolism to your lived experience.
Includes a copy of your natal chart and digital recording of the conversation emailed to you (and a written report if you so choose).

*** I am currently on annual leave – this product will be available again in July.  Apologies for the inconvenience! ***

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This Natal Chart Reading explores how your natal chart functions as a celestial mirror of your lived experience, offering insights about your gifts and ways of being, the timing of difficult experiences, and soul-nourishing directions in which to head.
As we talk, we will correlate and anchor the rich tapestry of astrological symbolism to your lived experience ~ earthing this esoteric map in your embodiment, we could say!


In this conversation, we will (time-allowing) touch on these main areas:
  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Ascendant
  • Ascendant Ruler
  • Major aspects to these positions
  • Progressed lunar phase
  • Relevant transits
Significant timings:
If you are a particular age, then various planetary cycles may be worthy of some attention.  These astrological rites-of-passage affect everyone in different ways, and are enhanced by a conscious honouring of our process and the information/lessons/opportunities that are arising.
These significant moments include our:
  • First Saturn Return at age 28-29
  • Uranus Opposition at age 41-42
  • Chiron Return at age 49-50
  • Second Saturn Return at age 57-58
Other queries:
The nature of our conversation depends a lot on your age and what’s arising for you at the moment – please let me know what you are interested in talking about!

This offering includes:

~ a 1-hour conversation via Skype or Zoom
~ a copy of your natal chart
~ link to the digital recording of our conversation

Written report?
You can also choose to purchase a written report.  If so, following our conversation, I’ll send you a document which contains your basic astrological information, the big-picture backdrop you’re working within (progressed lunar cycle), and which anchors some of what we’ve ascertained together.  Sometimes it’s simpler to revisit the written word than to listen to a recording to find the piece of info you were after…


Please book via purchasing this ‘product’, and a link to my calendar will be provided with your receipt.   If you want to peek at my availability first, you can do so here.

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